Crochet Tunic Free Pattern

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Pattern with extended loops 
The pattern is multiples of 4. 
A number of persons 
Row-all elongated facial (make two turns around the working spokes and stretch through the loop); 
Number-* to cross 4 loops (1 and 4 loops to swap from right to left, 2 and Z loops to the right 
left)-to move 4 loops on the right spoke, descending coils of threads, to return them back on the left spokes, 
To reverse the 4th loop at work, to remove it from the left spokes, z unpressed loops to return on 
Left spokes; Change their order on the left spoke-to do this, enter the right speaker at the front of the work in the second and 
Zyu loops, remove them from the left spokes, holding the 1th loop with a finger to return it to the left spoke; Change 
The order of 2 shot loops on the right spoke-to enter the left spokes before work in the 2th from the beginning of a loop, 
Remove it from the right spokes, while holding the first loop with your finger, then return this loop to the left 
Spoke. To smooth these loops purl in a new order. Repeat from * to the end of the series; 
6 Number of persons; 
7 Series-Izn; 
8 Row-elongated faces (make two turns around the working spokes and stretch through the loop) 
9 row-to carry 2 elongated purls, descending coils of thread, * to cross 4 loops. 
To repeat from * to the end of the range, to finish the two elongated purl. 
Repeat pattern from the second row. 

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