Stylish Laced Crochet Blouse

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Pulover patterned leaves. Spokes
Size 36. 
You will need to do so with the need to do 
600 g blue ribbon yarn (50% coton, 50% acrylic, 100 g/170 m), spokes No 5. 
Facial surface- facial rows - faces. P., the out-of-the-range rows are exhaust. n. 
Pattern leaves in the 
Knit on scheme 1, on which only the front rows are shown. 
In the sofa. r. loops knit on the pattern, naquiss - on-the-night. 
Start with the crom. and loops in front of the rapport, constantly repeat the rapport, finish with loops after rapport and 1 crom. 
Sleeve pattern 
Knit on scheme 2, which shows only the front rows. 
In the sofa. R. all loops and naquisitors knit on the sides. 
Front and backer 
Dial 63 loops and knit patterned leaves. 
At an altitude of 56 cm from the set edge close all the loops. 
Dial 34 loops and knit the facial surface. 
To extend in the middle knit pattern for the sleeve. 
At an altitude of 34 cm from the set edge close all the loops. 
Perform shoulder stitches. 
Run the side seams, leaving holes for the opening. 
Run the seams of the sleeves and roll the sleeves.

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