Knitted Metro Style Tunic Free Pattern

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You will need to
Yarn (100% Silk; 50 g/250 m) — 2 (2) 3 (3) Winder Beige (color 1), 2 (2) 3 (3) Motka Brown (color 2), 6 (6) 7 (7) Rolls Grey (color 3), 2 (2) 3 (3) Motka dark grey (color 4); Straight Spokes № 2.5, 4 and 4.5; Circular Spokes № Four lengths of 40 cm.

Patterns and diagrams

Structural pattern
Knit by scheme.

1 Kill
2 p. Pull together the front with a tilt to the Left (= 1 p. Take off, the next loop Projazit and removed the loop to stretch through the Projazazit).

Density of Knitting
19 p. х 25-26 р. = 10 x 10 sm, is connected in 2 threads by a structural pattern (back and before) on spokes № 4.5.

The Product is knitted in 2 threads!

Important: The density of knitting should match the preset!

If only one number is specified in the statement, it applies to all dimensions.

Doing the work

On the spokes № 4 to dial a grey thread 96 (104) 112 (120) p. and knit for the bottom strap in all rows of facial (1st row = Izn. Row) about 2 cm, finish. Side by side.

Go to the Spokes № 4.5 and continue the work of the structural pattern of the scheme with colored rectangles.

When the last 8 R. Circuits (from the bottom edge of the product) are to be connected, close the middle 20 (22) 24 (26) p. and both sides to finish separately.

For rounding of the neck close from the inner edge at the beginning of each next 2nd p. 3, 2, 1 p., the remaining loops close in one row.

The Second side to finish symmetrically.

Knit like a backrest, but with a deeper neck.

When the last closed loops of the backrest remain to tie the last 10 cm (to be checked on the backrest), close the Middle 10 (12) 14 (16) p. and both sides to finish separately.

For rounding of the neck close from the inner edge at the beginning of each row of 3, 2, 1, 1 p., and then at the beginning of each 2nd row 2 times 1 p.

After Tying to the closed loops of shoulders on the back, close the remaining loops.

On the spokes № 4.5 to dial a grey thread 54 (58) 62 (66) p. and Knit Rubber band 1st row (= N. Row): 2, * 2 persons., 2. *, repeat from * to * to the end of the series. 2nd row: All loops are to be in front. In height Repeat these two rows.

When the length of the part is 7 (8) 9 (10) cm, add on both sides (after/before Chrome.) to 1 p. These Additions repeat in each 6th р., while on the spokes there will be 86 (90) 94 (98) P. (on added loops to knit with elastic band).

When the length of the sleeve is approximately 43 (44) 45 (46) cm, the loops close in one row.

Sew the details from the front side of the mattress and knitted seams = mattress-longitudinal edges of parts (= 1 R. x 1 R.), knitted seam-edges with closed loops.

Perform shoulder seams (the seam should not stretch!). Sew sleeves, starting from the shoulder seam and the middle of the sleeve, the length of the arm = 21 (22) 23 (24) cm. Carry out seams of sleeves and lateral seams on the top sections in length on 18 sm, bottom sections to leave for cuts open.

Edges of Side Sections
On Spokes № 2.5 to dial (from a face, a thread to stretch on reverse party of a detail) a grey thread on 1 p. From each row on a section of a structural pattern and, skipping every 3rd, on a section of the bottom lath. Projazin 1 p. (= N. A. A number) obverse, loops to close so that the edge was not assembled, but also was not pulled).

At the Top edge of the incision front overlay on the edge of the cut back and sew. At the Top edge of the backrest also sew, but from the reverse side.

Bake Manufacturers
On Circular Spokes № 4 to dial a grey thread from the front side of the product on the edge of the neck of the loop (thread stretch on the reverse side): Start from the right shoulder seam and Dial 8 p. On the rounded edge of the neck of the backrest, then 1 p. of closed middle loops, 8 p . On the rounded edge; On the straight sections (on the left side of the front) to dial 1 P. From each row, skipping every 6th p., then 1 p. of closed loops + 1 p. Between each closure loops (if closed to 1 p.); On the right side of the front dial loops the same (the number of loops should be multiple 4). Knit with Rubber band = alternately 2 persons., 2 H. When the width is 4 cm, the loops close.

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