Green tunic with asymmetrical bottom line

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DIMENSIONS 36/38 (42/44) 

yarn (50% cotton, 50% flax; 145 m / z 50) - 600 (650) g of the green; Knitting needles number 3; 2 stocking needles number 3; hook number 2.5. 


1 rapport = 15 p. = Knit acc. scheme. On it are given facial rows. In the purl ranks to knit all the loops according to the pattern, facial crossed to knit with the threaded crossed, nakida to knit with the wrong. Distribute hinges acc. instructions. Constantly repeat 1st to 8th rows. 

The first 4 loops of the circuit in the instruction are designated as “braid”, the remaining 11 - as an openwork strip. 

Facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. 

Underlined UBAVKI 
In personal number at the start = number distal edge, face 1, 2 loop knit together with the left slope (1 stay loop as the front, the front one, then to stretch it across the loop removed); at the end of the row = knit up to 4 loops from the end, then knit together 2 loops front, 1 front, edge. 

In the purl row at the beginning of the row = edge, 1 purl, 2 loops knit together purl; at the end of the row = knit up to 4 loops from the end, then knit together 2 loops together with the purl crossed, 1 purl, edging. 

25 p. X 32 r. = 10 x 10 cm


Dial a 246 (261) loop on the knitting needles and tie up 1 purl row with the purl. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. 

Continue the work as follows: hem edge, 4 p. Front satin stitch, 236 (251) p. Openwork pattern of "braids", at the same time start with the last 11 p. Rapport and perform rapport 15 (16) times, finish 4 p. and 1 edge. 

At the same time for the corners, starting in the 1st front row from the initial row, it is emphasized to reduce on both sides in each row 40 x 1 p., Then in every 2nd row 28 x 1 p. 

30 cm = 96 rows from the initial row there will be another 110 (125) p.

Continue the openwork pattern of "braids", starting with 1 edge, 1 p. Lyceum satin stitch and loops from arrow A, while in the 5th row of the scheme instead of the gray loops of the scheme, knit 2 loops together with the front one, then repeat the repeat , finish loops to arrow B, instead of gray loops in the 5th row of the scheme, knit 2 loops together with a tilt to the left (1 loop to remove as front, 1 front, then stretch it through the removed loop) edging. 

After 55 cm = 176 rows from the initial row, close for the armholes on both sides 1 x 4 paragraph, then in each 2nd row close 2 x 3 paragraph and 1 x 2 paragraph = 86 (101) paragraph. 

After 72, 5 cm = 232 rows (75 cm = 240 rows) from the initial row, close all the loops, while the average 52 (55) sections form a neck, and the outer sections of 17 (23) sections are shoulders.

Knit, as a back, but with a neckline and neckline. 

For a notch through 49 cm = 156 rows (51.5 cm = 164 rows) from the initial row, close the average 2 (3) sections and finish both sides separately. 


At the 1st size, the cutout is located in the middle above the "scythe", on both sides continue the openwork stripes, while the adjacent nakida of each 1st row of the pattern will later become the "holes" for threading the strings. 

In the 2nd size, the cutout is located in the middle of the openwork strip, on both sides, before and after the hem at the edges of the cutout, there are 2 loops of the openwork strip, they should be knitted with a facial smoothness.

At the same time on these loops make 5 holes for threading the strings. To do this, in the 5th row from the division of work, before the cut, perform 1 nakid, 2 knit loops together with the inclination to the left and knit the hem, after the cut, knit the hem, 2 knit the loops together with the front one, 1 nakid. The following 4 holes should be made in each 8th row in the same way. 

After 62 cm = 198 rows (64.5 cm = 206 rows) from the initial row close for the neck at the inner edge 1 x 9 (10) n. And in every 2nd row 1 x 3 n., 2 x 2 n. and 9 x 1 p. At the height of the back, close the remaining 17 (23) p. shoulders. 

Dial 51 (58) loops on the needles for each sleeve and knit as follows: hem, 49 (56) paragraph with an openwork pattern of “braids”, with the first size, repeat the repeat 3 times and finish with the first 4 paragraphs of the repeat , for the 2nd size, start from the last 11 points and perform rapport 3 times, edge trimming. 

For the bevel of the sleeves, add on both sides in each 8th row from the initial row 5 (3) x 1 p. And in each 4th row 10 (14) x 1 p., While additions must first be tied with the front satin stitch and gradually include in pattern 1 = 81 (92) p. 

After 26 cm = 84 rows from the initial row, close the sleeves for both sides with 1 x 4 p. for each side, then in each 2nd row close 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. ., 21 x 1 p. And 2 x 3 p. (1 x 3 p., 2 x 2 p., 18 x 1 p., 2 x 2 p. And 2 x 3 p.).

Through 42.5 cm = 136 rows from the initial row, close the remaining 9 (14) p. 

Run shoulder seams. 

The edge of the neck tie 1 next to Art. b / n Then the edges of the cutout and crocheted edge of the neck in one step to tie another 1 near Art. b / n, while at the corners of the neck to perform 3 tbsp. b / n in 1 loop base. 

Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves.

For the tie, make a hollow cord. To do this, on 2 stocking spokes, dial 4 loops, knit the loops with the front loops, * do not turn the work, but slide the loops back to the knitting needles, move the threads to the beginning, tighten the loops again and knit them again, and repeat length 150 cm. Then close the loop. A string, starting from the lower end of the cut, cross-cut through the holes, see also the photo. Then fasten the ends of the knot.

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