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Charming dress and interesting patterns of knitting ... why not make out how it was done 

Girls, I'm very glad that I got something at least - I did not believe in the success of this enterprise, I did not choose yarn - I knit for good luck. I'm an inexperienced knitter, I took all the schemes in this thread according to the tag of Olivia. 
Approximate course of work: 
yarn 100gr / 400m hook 1,9mm 600g on the Russian size 42  
Beginning with a coquette, gaining loops for 16 rapports, the size of the coquette was determined by fitting. To the neckline ahead was deeper than on the back of the shoulder line arranged in such a way that the backrest had 7 rapports of the coquette, and on the shelf 9.  
Continued to work from the back. having allocated 3 central rapports of the coquette tied them from two sides along a chain of 23 loops - the width of the back was obtained. Further knitted back to the armhole line, adding a little for rounding.
On the coquette on the side of the shelf: having selected a little more than 3 central rapports, the coquette tied them from two sides along a chain of 20 loops - the width of the shelf at the level of the armhole turned out. Then she knitted in a circle. 
To tighten and widen the hem made uniform increases in a circle in the rows from the columns without a crochet. She was knitting at once. 
Unpleasant for me the moment: the tying of triangles formed by the lines "coquette", "the top of the backrest on the chain of the" 23 "armhole" and similarly on the shelf. I started to knit triangles on the shelf above the five central motifs of the coquette in the direction down to the line "the top of the shelf on the chain of 20 sticks" - it turned out ugly. On the back, knit in the direction up from the line "the top of the backrest on the chain of 23 sticks" - is satisfied. 
My mistakes.
The location of the openwork strips was planned as follows: 
1 - down from the breast line. By the line of the chest, I was afraid to add volume and will "compete" with the yoke of the 
2- along the waist line, and preferably above it 
3 - on the hips the 
rest is not important. 
I made too large gaps from the dense bands of crossed posts and columns without crochets, which weighted the hem and left no room for the last wide ruffle

Working with analogs, so to speak, not at all pretending that Vanessa knitted exactly the same way and nothing else. This is just my guess and nothing more. 
First about the overall pattern of knitting dresses. I think that everything starts from the first top ruff up, the gate, down - the main part of the dress. Then small triangles are knit at the junction of the gate, dresses and sleeves, and at the very end a sleeve is tied. 
My gate circuit. We still have to experiment with the thickness of the thread and the density of knitting, but the basic idea is clear.

Dresses by Vanessa Montoro fascinate with their beauty. I tied not the first model, inspired by her ideas, but Olivia seemed to me the most unattainable !!! And so I took a chance! It turned out a very nice dress of color menthol. Connected from Italian silk 3000m / 100gr in 6 additions, then the meterage is about 500m / 100gr (if my calculations are correct). Hook clover 1,75, it took about 600gr. Well, here's the photo, I really hope that the dress will like it. On the photo my sister, thank her very much, that she agreed to the photo session

Dresses of Vanessa knit here

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