Openwork beret free pattern

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Size (s): Single 

Yarn: Alpaca from Drops (167 m in 50 g) color 3720 lilac 

Number of balls: 100 g 

Tool (s): double-sided and circular needles (40 cm) No. 3.5, circular needles (40 cm ) No. 3 

Density of knitting: 23 px32 rows in a 10x10 cm 

pattern Pattern 
See diagram M1 - 1 report (repeat) starts from 12 loops, then the report increases to 22 loops and decreases again to 6 loops. COMMENT. the scheme is slightly distorted for easier reading of the pattern. This means that you need to start with 1 loop before the pattern (for example, the last loop in the previous circle) in 21 rows of the pattern. 

Description of knitting 
Knit in a circle with small circular needles.

Score 120 loops on the spokes 3 mm. Knit 2 cm stocking stitching, and then knit the following row: * 2 loops together as facial, 1 nakid *, repeat from * to * (= bending edge), then 2 cm stocking viscous. Go to the spokes No3,5 and continue on the scheme M1 = 10 repetitions. Remember thread tension! After you finish knitting according to the M1 pattern, 60 loops will remain on the needles. To knit 1 row with faces 2 each together, a row of stockings, then again 2 together = 15 loops. Cut the thread, pull through the remaining loops, tighten. Bend the edge inside and sew. beret size 22 cm. 

Legend to the scheme 

= Front 
= 1 nakid between two loops 
= Remove 1 loop, knit 1 face and stretch it through the removed loop (broach) 
= 2 loops together front
= 1 nakid, remove one loop, as the front, 2 face, stretch the removed loop over the knit; 1 nakid 
= 1 nakid, remove one loop, as the front, 1 face, stretch the removed loop over the knit 
= Knit 2 loops together as a face, 1 nakid

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