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Very simple and very beautiful! 

The size is 36/38. 

stick15 (24x17, 0Kb)To knit a jumper you will need: 
• 280 g of light green yarn Filaturo di Crosa ZARA (100% merino wool (extra), 125 m / 50 g); 
• spokes number 4,5. 


stick15 (24x17, 0Kb)The main pattern: knit by the scheme, in the back rows of the loop knit by drawing. 

stick15 (24x17, 0Kb)The density of knitting. 
Eraser 2/3: 25 loops x 28 rows = 10 x 10 cm; 
main pattern: 21 loop x 24 rows = 10 x 10 cm. 


stick15 (24x17, 0Kb)Back. 
On spokes number 4,5, the Italian set dial 78 loops and knit with an elastic band 2/3. 
After 15 cm from the beginning of knitting, evenly add 14 loops (= 92 loops), divide the work into 4 parts and knit them separately.
In each part of the hinge distribute as follows: 3 loops of the facial smoothness, 17 loops of the main pattern, 3 loops of the facial smoothness. 
After 55 cm from the beginning of work knit on all hinges. 
After 62 cm from the beginning of knitting, close the middle 24 loops for the cutout of the neck and finish the two sides separately. 
For rounding, close the inside of each 2nd row 2 x 5 loops, 2 x 3 loops. 
After 65 cm from the beginning of knitting, the remaining 18 loops are closed. 

stick15 (24x17, 0Kb)Before. 
Knit like a back, but with a deeper neckline. 
To do this, after 60 cm from the beginning of knitting, close the middle 18 loops and in each 2 rows 2 x 5 loops, 1 x 4 loops, 1 x 3 loops, 2 x 1 loop. 

stick15 (24x17, 0Kb)Assembly.
Perform shoulder seams; for the collar on the neckline, starting in the middle of the back, on knitting needles 4,5, dial 85 loops, tie with straight and reverse rows of 10 cm elastic band 2/3 and close the hinges. 
Run the seam of the collar. 
For the armhole, sew the side strips in the places marked with dots on the pattern. 

stick15 (24x17, 0Kb)Knitting pattern of a cardigan.

Conventional notation.

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