Cardigan with a diagonal pattern

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simple pattern of stripes and the front surface of garter stitch, made of yarn dyeing sectioned and placed on the bias looks like a whole new way! 

Size 36 (38 / 40–42–44 / 46) 48 

You need 
Yarn 1 (75% sheep wool, 25% extra-thin polyamide; 420 m / 100 g) - 300 (300) 400 (400) 500 g dark blue; 
yarn 2 (85% baby alpaca, 15% sheep wool; 250 m / 50 g) - 150 (200) 200 (250) 250 g pink-violet-green sectional dyeing; Knitting needles number 3; circular needles number 3. 


knit alternately face 2, 2 backstitches. 

Facial surface
1 row - face loops, 2 row - purl loops. 

All rows - face loops. 

The main pattern 
* 2 rows of facial satin dark blue thread; 
2 rows of garter stitch sectional dyeing *. 
From * to * constantly repeat. 

Knitting density 
25 p. X 48 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the main pattern. 

Performing the work of the 

Dark blue thread on the needles No. 3 dial 4 p. And tie 1 row of facial and 1 row of purl. 

Next, knit as follows:

1st (front) p. thread sectional dyeing: from the 1st p. knit 1 front and 1 facial crossed, then knit all the loops face up to the last loop, from the last loop to knit 1 facial and 1 face crossed = added 2 p. 

2nd (back) p. thread sectional dyeing: facial loops. 

3rd p. dark blue thread: knit, as the 1st p. 

4th p. dark blue thread: purl. 

In height repeat 1-4th r. until the length of the back along the left edge reaches 44 (48) 52 (56) 60 cm = width of the back. 

From this place in each front row along the left edge instead of increments the last 2 points to knit together the front one, and continue the increments along the right edge. Thus, the number of loops remains unchanged.

When along the right edge the height of the part reaches 58 (59) 60 (61) 62 cm, in each front row perform a decrease only on the right edge as follows: remove the 1st section, as with the front knitting, pull the front one, remove the loop her 

To perform the cuts on both sides, until 2 pins remain on the needles. Tie 

these 2 loops together with the front one and stretch the thread through the last loop. 

knit as a back. 

Shoulder seams to perform mattress suture. 

Measure on both sides of the shoulder seam for armholes at 18 (19) 20 (21) 22 cm and mark. 

Dark blue thread on the needles No. 3 dial along the edges between the marks 82 (87) 92 (97) 102 loops and knit the main pattern.

For lateral bevels in each of the following 16 (14) 12 (10) 8th p. reduce on both sides 10 (12) 15 (17) 20 x 1 p. 

For size 38/40 in 14 p. subtract another 1 p. and for size 44/46 in 10 p. still lower 1 p. = 62 p. 

Through 47 (45) 43 (41) 39 cm from the beginning of the sleeve, additionally knit with a dark blue thread 6 cm with an elastic band. 

Then close the loop freely according to the figure. 

The second sleeve is similar. 

Parts slightly moisten, stretch according to the dimensions specified in the pattern and leave to dry completely. 

The side seams and the seams of the sleeves should be made, respectively, with one seam.

For the collar with dark blue thread on the needles No. 3 dial 35 points and knit 50 cm with the main pattern. Connect the open loops of the last row to the initial edge with a “loop in loop” seam. 

Sew the collar into the neck so that the colored ribbing at the lapel lay outside. 

For slats on the bottom edge of the front and back of the dark blue thread, dial on the circular needles No. 3, evenly distributing, 264 (288) 312 (336) 360 points and knit in circular rows with an elastic band. Through 6 cm of a loop it is free to close on drawing.

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