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A cardigan of needles with the use of a complex pattern for knitting will suit already more skilled crafterpeople. As a simplification it is possible to use Vyvyazuvaniem a complex pattern only on a yoke-from a line of a walk upwards. As an example the model of a trapeze and vyvyazvaniem a yoke with a relief pattern is represented. Knitting of the presented model occurs in sequence:
1.dial for knitting backrest 100 loops. Knit a platelkoj knitting, decreasing in each 2nd row (in a lyceum) on the sides on 1 loop (all turns out a reduction on 2 loops), to a line of armholes or to a waist. On a backrest it is better not to carry out vyvtying a relief pattern that the child at the occasion could comfortably lie on a back.
2. To fit the armhole, close the 4 loops on each side. Next, make 3 tabs on each side, making two loops together the front. Ubavki do also in each lyceum row. Continue knitting to the shoulder line, but not reaching about 4 cm.
3. Now tie out the neck. To do this, push the shoulder for about 15 loops, close the middle loops, leaving for the second shoulder the same number of projazyshii loops. Knit each shoulder separately, reducing the neck by 3 loops in the same way as in the Vyvyazivanii armholes. Symmetrically tie the second shoulder and close the loops.
4. Proceed to Vyvyazuju shelves-dial on the shelf 57 loops. 50 loops go as half of the backrest, and 7 loops are designed for tying the strap with buttons.
5. Pass to the Armhole shelf (on the model of the pattern Vyvytie begins with the waist line), making the decrease is similar to the backrest, only on one side. In the Lyceum row, tie the 7 loops of the strap and start the pattern, according to the diagram presented in the picture. At the same time, make the button holes on equal intervals. Without getting to the shoulder line 6 cm, start tying the neck-here you have to completely close the loops of the strap and further similarly to carry out the loops.

Similarly, tie the second shelf, but there are no holes for buttons to do.
• Take the knitting sleeves, which in this case is represented by a simple straight cloth. To tie the sleeves, dial 36 loops and continue knitting to the height of the arm length from the armpit. Make the same decrease as when vyvyazivanija a backrest with shelves. Tie the second sleeve in the same way.

Read more: Knitted coat for girl 1 year spokes with description http://raikovstudio.ru/vyazannoe-palto-spicami-dlya-devochki-1-goda.html#ixzz4ZWkIoa3y
Moisten the finished parts in water and put them on a towel to dry and take the necessary form. After that sew a shelf with a backrest and start to tie out a debugged collar. To do this, pull on circular spokes loops from the line of the neck and bring the facial rows of 15-20 rows. Smooth the finished collar and sew the sleeves.

Additionally coat can be decorated with all kinds of accessories, but for toddlers 1 year is not recommended similar. The maximum that is allowed, it is additional to paste any application. But considering that the coat already uses the ornament in the form of the knitted pattern, it is undesirable to do it.

Next is a video with a master class on the Vyvyazheju coats for girls of one year, as well as a selection of models for fancy mistresses. Patterns for knitting can be found on the Internet, but here also there are some examples for use in work.

Source : https://raikovstudio.ru/vyazannoe-palto-spicami-dlya-devochki-1-goda.html

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