Kids Sweater and Cap Free Pattern

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You will need the Turkish yarn Merino de Luxe wool (100g per 280m), knitting stock 3 needles. 
On the set (hat, scarf, jumper) it took 2 balls of melange and 1 - white. 

I knit on the size of the head 48cm (but you can knit on any age, only with the recalculation of the loop). 

The cap consists of two caps - internal and external, then it is trimmed with a hook in a circle. 

The outer cap (of the melange thread) is knitted in a circle on the satin bottom-up, starting with the opening and the ears: 

1. For the lapel, pick up 18 items. Next in the front row, add 2 items each (1 crochet, 1 nakid, 16 res. , 1 nakid, 1 krom), until the width of the overtum is 24 p., Then knit without attachments. Hand knit nakida with knitted loops. The height of the cuff is 16 p.
Thread the thread and put off the cuff. 

2. For the ear, dial 11 p. Next, in each front row, add 2 p. Until the width of the ear is 19 loops, then knit without accessories. The height of the ear is 16 rows. 
Thread the thread and lay the eyelet, the second to tie the same. 

3. After the eye is ready, we rub the hind spine and between the ears: 
face row: 19 faces. Section No. 1, we twist the thread 14 times opposite the hour hand to the working needle, 19 faces. p ear number 2. 
back row: 19 out. ln ear nos.2, 14 turn nakidov tie straps. crossed 19 out. Section No. 1. 
In work 52p is received. Bind 8p.

4 Total "body" hats 76p. Knit on a circle of "body" shapochki to unbelievable height: in my version 39p. on the side of the back, further for the rounding of the top, remove the central 2p in each second row. before and 2 n. backs caps (all 4p. in a row). Repeat the decrease 5 times until the height of the "body" of the cap is 50p. on the back of the back. Closing the remaining hinges. 

The inner cap (made of white yarn) knits similarly, but for grinding with 39p. It is necessary in each second row to reduce 2n. before, 2 n. from the side, 2n. back and 2p. from the other side (only 8p. in a row). Repeat reduction 4p. - the inner cap should be on 2p. shorter than the external. The lapel is knitted by "risky" viscous.

from melange thread put on the 5p. Then, in each front row, add 2 p., Until the width of the ear becomes 11 p., Then knit without additional 9p. To narrow the ears, reduce by 2 extreme points in 12p. and 15p. The height of the ear is 19 p. Remaining 7p. to close. 
White eye of yarn and knit similarly, only "rice" viscous. 
Far two tails should be put together inside out from the inside side and tied round with a hook with a white thread. 
The second is tailored analogously.

When the ears are ready, they need to be sewn in the corners of the top hat, sew the top of the cap. Embroider on top of the case. The inner cap is also sewn. Next, put the two caps together with the wrong side inward and tie them in a circle with a white thread. "Match" zapyazochka for the cap. In my version, stay on the button fastener (conveniently zipped and not untied). 

The scarf was knitting a "rice" knitting from a melange of thread with curls at the ends, crocheted by crochet st. without nakida 3p. white thread. On both sides of the scarf embroidered dots. 
In the case of a jumper rezin манa, cuffs and mouth, it is tied with white threads, and the “body” is a facial satin with a melange thread. Double neck, shoulder strap and neck stop with pugovitsami (for ease of dressing and the density of shaving).

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