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A practical dress with uncomplicated puffs comes in handy even in summer when you are on holiday, in class or in the garden.



Yarn (96% cotton, 4% polyester; 160 m / 50 g) - 250 g pistachio; Knitting needles number 3.5; hook number 3; 1 light green button with a diameter of 18 mm.



Facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops.


Facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops.


Alternately 10 p. Facial smooth, 10 p. Purl satin, finish 10 p. Front smooth surface.


At the beginning of a series of chrome., 2 p. Knit together the front; at the end of row 2 n. knit together with the inclination to the left (= 1 p. remove, as with the front knitting, stretch 1 face and the removed loop through it), chrome.


23 p. X 34 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface.




Type 112 loops on the knitting needles in the cruciform way, then between the edge knit with an elastic band. 

Through 36 cm = 122 p. knit from the initial row for the armholes on both sides 5 times 2 sections together with the front one, simultaneously closing them = 92 points.  

Continue to knit with the front satin stitch and fold in the next front row (125th p.) as follows: chrome., 5 front, * 5 p. translate into an auxiliary needle, which is positioned behind the working needle in parallel, then knit together 1 loop with both knitting needles of the front one 5 times. translate into an auxiliary needle before the next 5 loops, then knit 5 times together loop on both spokes of the face, from * repeat 3 more times, 5 faces, rum. = 52 p. 

Through 6.5 cm = 22 p. from the folds to knit for a cut on the back of the middle 4 n. garter viscous and after another 4 p. work split in the middle. 

Continue to knit straight, with 2 pts on both sides of the cut continue to knit garter stitch. 

Through 11 cm = 38 p. from the folds close, respectively, the remaining 26 p.


Knit as back, but with a neck. To do this, after 8 cm = 28 p. from the folds close the average 22 sts and both sides finish separately. 

To round the neck, run along the inner edge of the neck 4 times in each 2nd p. both sides with 1 underlined. At the same height as at the back, close, respectively, the remaining 11 points of the shoulder.


In a cross-shaped way, dial 52 loops on the needles for each sleeve and knit with the front satin stitch. 

Through 7 cm = 24 p. from the initial row close the sleeves for the sleeves on both sides by 5 p., then run on both sides with 1 underlined decrease 6 times in each 2nd p., 1 time in each 4th p. and 4 times in every 2nd p. 

After 15 cm = 50 p. from the initial row close the remaining 20 p.


Stretch the details according to the dimensions specified in the pattern and, covered with a damp cloth, leave to dry. 

Run shoulder seams. Sew the sleeves, while sucking the sleeves slightly. Run side seams and sleeve seams. 

Crochet the neck edge 1 p. “Of the prickly step” (= Art. B / n. Knit in the direction from left to right), while in the upper right corner next to the incision, tie 8 ce. for hinged hinges. 

Button sew to another corner. 

At the end, on the upper part of the elastic under the line of folds, perform puffs. To do this, 10 rows down from the fold line 1 + 2, 3 + 4, and 5 + 6 strips, connected with the front satin strap, pull down as follows: the last 4 paragraphs of the 1st band and the first 4 paragraphs 2nd strip to pull off the thread in 4 addition and fix it on the wrong side. In the same way, pull down the next two pairs of front face strips. Another 10 rows below the pattern shift and in the same way pull off the 2 + 3rd, as well as 4 + 5th strips of the front surface. Such rows of puffs repeat once again with an interval of 10 rows. 


When performing puffs, it is not hard to tighten the thread so that the dress does not become too narrow. 

Photo: Sabrina. Knitting for children "№2 / 2016

Source : http://verena.ru/vyazanie-spicami/plate-s-obyemnym-relefnym-uzorom-4594/

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