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The following materials are required for crochet dresses for children: 
• 200 g of yarn (70% cotton, 30% viscose); 
• 1 button; 
• 100 cm satin narrow ribbon; 
• hook number 2; 
• finishing nylon lace.

A short flirty dress knits from top to bottom with a knitting density of 12 rows * 21 
loops = 10 * 10 cm. Crocheting for children of the dress begins with a chain of 90 air loops, and then with one square tie knit back and forth rows. The loops are distributed in the following way: 15 loops on the back, 2 air loops, 15 loops for the sleeve, 2 air loops, 30 loops of the front part, 2 air loops, 15 loops of the second sleeve, 2 air loops, 15 back loops, etc. Thus, a small incision is formed on the back part, into which a clasp is sewn in or a button is sewn. 
Further the coquette knits, doing along the raglan lines of adding loops, as shown in the diagram. 
After knitting 6 cm from the beginning of the gate, it is necessary to close the work into the ring and continue it in a circle.

At a height of 11 cm (counted from the top) loop loops are left. The hinges of the front part and back, a total of 96 pieces, are closed in a ring. Knitting continues with circular technique with quilted columns, and 2 more rows are performed in this way. 

Subsequent knitting is performed according to the scheme shown below. 16 rapports are made in a circle, and 2 reports are made in height. Depending on the estimated length of the dress, you can repeat another rapport. The dress skirt ends with a border, having completed the last three rows according to the scheme. 
On the edge of the line of sleeves, a border is knitted with the following pattern: 
1st row - * 3 double crochet *, double crochet; 
2nd row - * 1 double crochet, 1 air loop, 1 double crochet *;
3rd row - * 4 double crochets from one point and 1 air loop between them *. 
Along the neckline, three rows of knitted crochets are crocheted and nylon finishing lace is sewn. At the corner of the cut you need to form a loop of air loops for the buttons. The button itself is sewn on the opposite side of the cut. 

Crochet for children dresses is decorated with a satin narrow ribbon. The color of the tape is selected according to the color of the yarn or the contrast of the product. The ribbon is pulled into the “holes” of the openwork first row of the skirt and tied with a bow in the middle of the front part.

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