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Hello dear needlewomen! Let me introduce you a teddy hat. Once upon a time I saw the same on the Internet, but unfortunately I don’t remember where, so I decided to write a description myself.


I was knitting from Nako yarn (Sirius in my opinion), a yarn from a double thread itself, but I knitted it twice, that is, into four threads, a hook 4. It took about one skein to make two hats.

The hat is knitted in a circle from top to bottom. I have a cap on the girth of 48 cm.

According to scheme 1, I knitted 6 rows, the diameter was 13.5 cm (72 loops + lifting loops = 73 loops), then I knitted 9 rows without additions. For ears divided as follows: 19 loops back, on 14 loops on ears and 26 loops a front part.

Ears knit 4 rows, diminishing in each row at the beginning and end of the row of 1 loop, that is, in the fourth row of 8 loops. Next, tie the entire cap in one row of columns without single crochet and “weave step”. For the ears according to the scheme 1, we need to tie two rows of blue thread, while in the second row of the 8-10 last loops, knit with columns without a hemlock, so that the ears are a semi-circle.

Tie up with crochets without crochet (do not tie 8-10 loops), and “weave in steps”. With a white thread, tie a similar semicircle without tying it. Sew them together, sew the ears to the cap.

For the nose, knit as a sole of the bootie (Scheme 2), then two rows of double crochets without additions. We knit a triangle with a gray thread: dial 8 air loops, knit, diminish 1 loop at the beginning of each row until 2 loops-7 rows remain, then tie them in a single row with a single crochet. White thread to tie a small circle, sew it to the triangle. Sew the triangle to the spout, fill the spout with cotton wool and sew to the cap. For the peepholes with a black thread, tie a circle, embroider white pupils on it. Sew eyes to cap. Tie the patch with a single crochet table, sew a patch to the cap. Embroider scar, mouth and eyebrows on the cap. For stitches to make braids. Teddik ready)))

Patterns knitting hats:
scheme 1

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