Kid laces crocheted

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It will be required: 50 g of fine yarn Alize Superwash (210 m for 50 g, knit in 2 additions) and a little thin yarn (170 m / 50 g), stocking knitting needles (long and short) No. 2,5, hook No. 2. 
Calculation is given at a knitting density of 14p = 7cm in width for a head circumference of 48cm. 
1. Calculation. 
We knit a sample of gum 2 * 2 and, slightly pulling it, we count how many loops are needed to pass the head. Those. in the stretched form the width of the scarf = the girth of the head. On the neck in this case, the scarf will not sag at sock. 
2. Knitting.
We take 88 loops on short needles, 22 per spoke, close in a circle and knit with an elastic band 2 * 2 about 11 cm (arbitrarily make a pair of strips of colored thread). Next, add 1 loop from each side of the face loops of the rubber band 2. After 4 cm repeat repeat (2 times, so that the face loops become 8 in each "path"). Each even number is knitted according to the figure. When the loops will be many, go for long hats or circular knitting needles. After kneading 8 cm after the gum loop, cover, spread the moistened scarf in the form of a circle on a soft backing and allow to dry. Next, crochet colored thin thread knit lace and pompons. 
Lace knit with such a calculation that against each strip of facial loops there was 1 arch from 9 columns with a crochet.
1 row: 3 arches from 3 air. loops for each rapport knitting on spokes (rapport = 1 purl, 8 facial, 1 purl). 
2nd row: arch of 3 air. loops in the middle of the first arch of the previous row, a shell of 9 columns with 1 crochet, an arch of 3 flights. loops. Repeat in each rapport. 
3 row: arch of 5 air. loops to the middle of the shell, arch of 5 air. loops in the middle of the arch of the previous row, arch of 3 air. loops, repeat first. 
4 rows: a column with a crochet in an arch of 3 flights. loops of the previous row, 3 air. loops, arch of 3 air. loops (it is just above the shell), 3 air. loops. Repeat first. 
5 row: above the column with a crochet to make a picot, in the arch over the shell - another shell from 9 columns with a crochet.
We knit crochets: 5 air loops are closed in a ring and we knit a circle with columns with a crochet (9 columns). 2 row we knit just 9 columns with a crochet, without any increase. Take the woolen thread (leftovers or trim) and fill the ball, push it into the base more tightly. Next row: we knit posts with a crochet, 4 sticks together and 5 stitches together. We received a ball. We impose 2 obtained loops together and knit a chain of air loops of the required length. Cut off from the tangle about 2 m thread and carefully thread the connected chain through knitting loops. The remainder of the thread is fastened to the second ball: from the last air loop we unfasten 9 columns with a crochet, then 9 columns with a crochet in the second row, fill the ball and tie the 4 and 5 bars together. We hide the thread, it's ready!


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