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Yarn Alize Lana Gold Plus 
Country: Turkey 
Manufacturer: Alize (Alize) 
Ingredients: Wool (49%), Acrylic (51%) 
Hank Weight: 100 gr. 
Length: 140.00 m. At the age of 5 years it took 3 hanks of color 200 (light gray with a slight lilac shade) and a little more than one hank of color 28 (dry rose) for 5-7 knitting needles, I knitted with needles No. 4.5. This time already knitted everything into one thread, since this yarn is thicker than seam limbo and prism. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Use the Italian dial to add 56 loops to one knitting needle, tie 4 rows of double hollow rubber bands, (Girls who cannot knit the Italian set and a rubber band - dial the loops in the usual way,

this yarn normally keeps its shape, 
if you don’t know how - don’t complicate your work;), 
so it will turn out nicely - the whole idea is in the COVE and SLEEVES) 

then distribute the loops for knitting the elastic 2 by 2, 
knit 12 rows with the elastic two by two, then 
move on facial smoothing. 
We knit with a front satin stitch in 60 rows height, 
close 5 loops on both sides for an armhole. 

Then we knit the raglan, diminishing the loops on both sides with the 
braid method, only not in each face row, 
but through one face row, since this yarn is thicker. 

Application "SOVA" fit in the same way as in this DESCRIPTION. .. 

THE SLEEVES fit in the same way as in the previous description, only 
here there are 6 rows of scales, not 8.

I have 106 loops on the neck. 

The laces are tied with two loops, 
in each row - we remove the first loop - we knit the second loop with a purl.

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