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Dress and jacket 
Size:  86-92 cm. 
Source:  Mom Knits magazine 01/2012 special issue from 0 to 3 
You will need:  Lana Gold yarn 100% wool, 100 g - 130 m gray, 50 g cherry yarn and 30 grams of dark gray yarn; circular needles number 2.75 and number 3.75, hook number 3.

Knitting density:  jacquard rapport width - 11 cm, height - 7 cm. 
Fragment of braid + 8 purl loops = 6 cm in width. 
Shawl:  persons. and izn. rows of knit facial loops. 
Pattern "Spit": 
1st - 4th rows: front loops. 
5th row: 3 p. Remove to the auxiliary needle BEFORE the work, knit 3 p. With facial, then knit the faces. n. with auxiliary needles. 
Pattern "Spit 2": 
1st - 2nd rows: front loops. 
3rd row: 2 p. Take off on the auxiliary needle BEFORE the work, knit 2 p. Persons, then knit the persons. loops with auxiliary needles. 
On the knitting needles dial 156 p. And knit persons. Satin 5 rows, starting with ex. row. Then knit the faces. a row as follows: 1 krom.p., * 2 n. together of persons., nakid *, to repeat to the end of a row, 1 krom.p. Continue knitting faces. stitch, after 8 rows start to knit according to the scheme - between the edge 7 rapports in width. Having knitted the last row of the pattern according to the scheme, distribute the loops in the following way: * used person, 8 ies *. Repeat 11 times + 2 krom.p. Knit 4 rows, then in faces. row for every 6 persons. hinges to perform the pattern "spit" (start from the 5th row). Continue to knit in this way, performing in each 5th row a “braid” pattern on the b faces. n., at the same time doing a down on intermediate life. loops in every 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th, 22nd 24th rows. When between the braids will remain on 2 of d. P., Continue as follows: to close the armor 
Back:  close for armhole 1 time 2 points, knit straight 12 rows, close for cut 11 points and continue to knit only b of the shoulder strap for another 16 rows, performing the “braid” pattern. 
Similarly, to perform the second half of the back. 
Before: close for armhole 1 time 2 p., Knit b p. according to the drawing, close the central loops in one step, leaving the edges on the sides. p., on which to continue to knit straps with a pattern "braid". Through 16 rows of strapless loops close. 
Assembly and finishing:  sew a seam in the middle of the back. Hem the bottom of a sarafan, bending along the line of holes. Wet and dry the product in unfolded form. 
Dial on the number 2.75 74 p. And knit garter stitch 6 p. Then make a series of holes for lace-up tying together * every 5th and 6th paragraph, nakid *. Then knit another 7 p., Go to the spokes number 3.75 and add 30 paragraphs evenly (= 104 p.). Knit another 4 p. garter viscous and distribute paragraphs as follows: 1 krom.p., 2 of mp. . pp., 4 persons. p., 3 izn.p., 4 ps. p., 3 izn.p., 4 ps. ., 4 persons, 3 ep, 4 persons, 3 sub, 4 faces, 3 sub, 4 faces, 3 sub, 4 pts, 3 pts, 4 ps, 2 ps, 4 ps, 2 ps, 4 ps, 2 ps, 1 chrome . Where 4 persons. - loops designed for the “braid 2” pattern. Knit in pattern, making an increase between the "braids" in every 4th row. 
Attention: in the first 10 rows on the first and last purl loops do not increase! Then perform increments according to the general scheme - in every 4th row. When the needles will be 211 p., The work is divided: the first 35 p. - shelf. Knit 4 p. right on the pattern, then go to the jacquard pattern (only the first b rows of the scheme), b p. shawl knit, close p. shelves. 
Sleeve:  47 p. Knit 2 rows according to the pattern, b rows of garter stitch, close all the loops. 
Back:  47 loops. Knit them directly according to the pattern, then perform a jacquard pattern (6 p. According to the scheme), b. garter stitch and close all p.  
Assembly and decoration: sew side seams and seams of sleeves. Tie a string: crochet tie a chain of vozd. yarn loops gray. 2nd row: Art. b / n yarn cherry color. Thread the string into the holes on the neck.

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