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nice dress with knitting needles for women on wide straps, made of white cotton yarn of average thickness. First, two parts of the yoke are knitted in rows, then the main part is knitted in a circle. The coquette is made with a handkerchief pattern. The dress is from the DROPS collection spring / summer 2016. 
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Yarn DROPS MUSKAT (100% cotton, 50 g / 100 m) 13-14-16-17-19-21 of skeins, 3 mm and 3.5 mm circular knitting needles 
Knitting density 
21 loop and 20 rows = 10x10 cm on the front surface of the needles 3.5 mm 
Description of the dress
Additions: perform with the help of nakidov on both sides of the marker, in the next. circle these nakida knit lits.p. During the uniform addition of loops for the circle, in the next. circle these nakida izn. cross loop. 
Note: the dress fits from top to bottom. At first, the coquette of the front and the back in rows is performed, after which all the loops will unite in a circle. 
Coquette back / front
On the needles of 3.5 mm dial 71-71-77-81-85-91 p. And go to the spokes of 3 mm, put a marker, noting 18-18-20-22-22-24 loop number on each side. Run trace a number of persons continue with a garment pattern. At the same time, in the 1st row add 1 p. On either side of the marker (see description above), repeat the row of additions in every 2nd row (i.e., in each person.) Total 18 -20-20-22-25-25 times = 143-151-157-169-185-191 p. Knit izn.r. lits.p after the last series of additions = 8-9-9-10-11-11 p. In the next. persons knit: close the first 35-37-39-43-46-48 p. straps, knit trace. 73-77-79-83-93-95 p. (The first loop will remain after closing the loops), then close the last. 35-37-39-43-46-48 p., Cut off the working thread. In the next ex. continue: dial new 3-5-9-12-14-20 p. at the beginning of the row, knit 73-77-79-83-93-95 p. and type this number of loops at the end of the row = 79-87-97-107-121-135 p. Knit with a shawl pattern 4-4-4-5-5-5 cm and at the same time after 3-3- 3-4-4-4 cm to reduce 1 p. On each side, tying 2 p. Together persons. in persons = 77-85-95-105-119-133 p., Finish knitting in d.s. and put the loops back. Tie a yoke in front of the same way.
The main part 
Transfer all the loops to the needles 3.5 mm = 154-170-190-210-238-266 p. And continue knitting in a circle according to the pattern A.1, gradually lowering 10-14-10-6-10-14 p. To 1st circle = 144-156-180-204-228-252 p. Next, continue knitting under the scheme A.2, uniformly decreasing 0-4-4-4-4-4 p. In the 1st circle = 144- 152-176-200-224-248 p. Continue under the scheme A.3 = 180-190-220-225-252-279 p. Go to the 3 mm knitting needles and knit 4 circles with a shawl pattern, gradually lowering 12-14-8 -15-12-9 p. In the 1st circle = 192-204-228-240-264-288 p. 
Go back to the needles of 3.5 mm and continue: 2 vert. rapport scheme A.4A on all loops in a circle, then A.4B 1 vert. rapport = 224-238-266-280-308-336 p. Now knit under the scheme A.4C 2-3-3-3-4-4 times vertically, then A.4D 1 time = 256-272-304- 320-352-384 p.
Go to the spokes of 3 mm and perform 4 circles with a shawl pattern, adding uniformly 3-5-3-3-3-3 points in the 1st circle = 259-277-307-325-355-385 points. Go to the spokes 3.5 mm and knit 2 circle the front surface, in the next. Circle: 7 points under the scheme A.5A, repeat A.5B until the last. 6 loops of a circle, A.5C. Knit 2 vert. rapport schemes and go to the spokes 3 mm. Perform 4 circles with a plaque pattern, adding evenly 5-11-5-11-5-11 points in the 1st circle = 264-288-312-336-360-396 points. Then knit according to scheme A.6, following 1 vert. rapport = 286-312-338-364-390-429 p. Next, repeat the rapport AX scheme A.6 until the part height is 86-89-92-95-98-101 cm. Knit 2 circles with the front satin stitch and finish 1 vert. rapport scheme A.2. Close all loops = 90-93-96-99-102-105 cm. 
Assembly . Assemble 
shoulder seams and side yoke seams.

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