Knitting Short Pullover Free Pattern

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Short pullover 
With a semi-patent pattern 
Size: 38/40 
You'll be required. Yarn (50% cotton, 50% Polyacryl 65 7,1/50 g) — 450 g of Rose- Howling Long circular spokes IU 4.5 and 5; Short circular spokes 4.5. 
Pattern 1: Elastic Band series in direct and reverse direction (odd Number of loops). Each series start and finish 1 crown. 
Rows: Alternately 1 purl, 1 Facial, finish 1 reverse; Purls Rows: Tie Loops 
According to the figure. Circular Series (Even Number of loops) = alternately 1 person- 1 purl. 

Pattern 2: Semi-patent pattern = Breakfas- To start and finish one of the • 1 Framework while. Series of Leeches: 
Night, front, and enter The spokes on the 1st row below, from • constantly Repeat, finish 1 Iznanoch- Noah Purls rows: • 1 Facial, Purl, from • constantly To finish 1 front. 
Knot-Cut: the Crown in and purl rows of the Underlined Ubcaps: Right 
Edge = Crown, 2 loops pro- Knit together facial with tilt Left (1 loop to take off as the face- One facial, then stretch it Nerez removed loop):
Left edge = 2 loops to hang together the front, For edges. 

Knitting density: Pattern 2-14 p. x 26.5 R.: 10 x 10 cm; Pattern 1-21 p. + 1 width 12 cm. 
Backrest: On the spokes of 4.5 dial 69 loops with cross-shaped set And for the strap tie 2 cm pattern 1, Continue working on the spokes 5 2.pattern 2. After 4 cm = 10 rows from Straps dial on both sides 1 x 21 New loop = 111 p. and knit In the following way: Knot- 21 p. Pattern 1, with the Start and finish 1 front, 67 N, Pattern 2, 21 p. Pattern 1, while Also start and finish 1 front, 
Knot. is simultaneous For lateral bevel with both Ron in every 2nd row of the Add For sleeves after the last loop Pattern 1 and before the 1st loop of pattern 1 Knit out of the transverse thread 18 x 1 p. crossed Sogl. The pattern and the Thread in the pattern 2 = 147 P. after 18 cm = 48 of the series from the strap to close external- 20 p., then for the humeral 
The bevel is emphasized in each 2nd row 19 x 1 p. through 33 cm = 88 of the series from the strap to close the remaining 69 for the neck. 
Before: Knit like a backrest, but through 26.5 cm; 70 rows from the strap close For the neck average 41 p. and both Hand to finish separately. For The inner edge of the In every 2nd row. 7 x 1 N, through 33 cm: 88 rows from Planks close the remaining 7 p... They still belong to the neck. 
Top Perform 
Seams of sleeves. On the edge of the neck- Dial on circular Spokes 134 Loop and tie 5 cm pattern 1. Then close all loops by drawing. Perform side seams and Sleeve seams. 

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