Crochet White Dress Pattern

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Approximate course of work: 
yarn 100gr / 400m hook 1,9mm 600g on Russian size 42 

We start with a coquette, we type loops for 16 rapports, the size of the coquette is determined by fitting. To the neckline ahead was deeper than on the back of the shoulder line is located in such a way that the backrest had 7 rapports of the coquette, and on the shelf 9. We  
continue to work from the back, selecting 3 central rapport rapport we tie them from two sides on a chain of 23 loops - it turned out backrest width. Next, we knit the back to the armhole line, adding a little for the rounding.
On the coquette on the side of the shelf: having selected a little more than 3 central rapports of the coquette we tie them from two sides along a chain of 20 loops - the width of the shelf at the level of the armhole turned out. Next we knit in a circle.

Exemplary sketches:

To tighten and expand the hem, we make uniform increments in a circle in rows of columns without a crochet. Clean the viscose at once. 
We fix the triangles formed by the lines of the "coquette", "the top of the backrest on the chain of 23 loops" of the armhole "and likewise on the shelf.Triangles and oats knit along the scheme  (without a row of columns without a crochet)

Sleeve. We start with the pellet and then knit in a circle like a dress

Dresses for the dress:

Schemes for casing:

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