Crocheted skirt in patchwork technique

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The skirt in patchwork technique is quite simple. The relief pattern of squares makes a simple skirt interesting due to the play of light and shadow in the pattern of the skirt. The knitted fabric is crochet enough dense not to stretch and at the same time elastic, so it sits well on the figure. In the master class of crochet patchwork patchwork presented earlier  here  in detail describes the process of knitting in this technique.

 For yarn knitting YarnArt Begonia yarn was used, the milk color (100% mercerized cotton, 169 m, 50 g) took about 600 gr.

Description of knitting the skirt:

This classic skirt model with a straight silhouette is made up of two rectangular canvases. Rectangular cloths are sewn on the sides. The skirt is tightened by increasing the number of the hook, the first row of squares is crocheted №1,5-2, the second № 2,5, the third №3 and the cloth will expand due to a change in the density of knitting. Use a pattern or lay out on the table the skirt you are wearing to tie the thing to size and shape.

 The front and back skirts of the skirt are knitted the same. Type a chain of air loops crochet No. 1.5 or 2 on the waist of the pattern. The number of loops divided by 6 - the number of squares in width, the resulting number of loops will be the width of one square and, correspondingly, its height. Dial on the height of the first square more air loops + 1 lifting loop. Then knit in turn the squares according to the master class.

By connecting the two parts of the skirt to the desired height, connect them by sewing along the wrong side of the side seams. For the belt at the top, tie the embossed elastic with a crochet, alternating one convex second concave column in a circle. Each new row starts with two air lifting loops and end with a connecting loop in the second lifting loop. Also, in each row of gum do a reduction of 2 post from the sides.

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