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Received a photo of my model on the hostess herself. I do not remember if I made a description in 2017, when this dress appeared. Therefore, just in case I give a brief description. 

The dress itself is a simple straight silhouette. 
The drawing consists of convex and concave columns. Many patterns and knitting patterns, allow you to shift on the hook. In this case, the famous "putanka" for the needles is crocheted

Size 44-46. 

Required : 500-550 g of yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide; 100 g / 420 m), hook No. 1.6 

Knitting density : 20 points x 9 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Back : dial a chain of 84 vp + 3 p. Of lifting and link 12 rows according to scheme 1. Then, on the right side of the canvas, start drawing according to scheme 2 (it is not. This is a rhombus. It is easy to tie it according to the photo) At a height of 54 cm from the beginning for 1) p. 4 times from two sides. At a height of 99 cm, perform a bevel of the shoulders and finish at a height of 103 cm from the beginning of the work. On both sides of the side edges of the scheme 3 to tie the strap. 

Before: similar to the back. To cut the neck at a height of 97 cm from the beginning, leave 34 p. In the center and finish both sides separately at the height of the back; to round off from the inside in the next row, lower 1 p. 1 along the side edges.

Assembly : perform shoulder seams. Leave 19 cm for armored sleeves. Sew along the strap lines from the sides of 35 cm from the beginning of the armhole down. Along the edge of the neckline, tie the stand-up collar in a circle of 8 rows according to scheme 4. 

Dress can be worn with sneakers. And with a classic coat. 

I once encountered the problem that my models for a niece were not worn. 
The reason was one. I knitted models of past years, outdated, neither in styles nor in drawings. She proposed models with such a “naphthalene” odor), from 80-2000 years old, that it would be strange to expect that the younger generation will perceive this. 
And as soon as I began to knit modern models, the question disappeared by itself. Now not only carries, orders and simply takes away and the models connected for me. 

Now I noticed that there is no pattern pattern. Excuse me. I will try to find. But the principle is this.

Found in the record to the vest 
All inspiration, the desire to knit and be beautiful

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