Tricolor sweater and double sided scarf free pattern

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DIMENSIONS 38/40 (42/44) 46/48 
Scharf: 30 x 188 cm 

yarns (60% alpaca, 40% wool and 65 m / 50 g) for sweater - 250 (300) 300 g of a dark - gray, 250 (250) 300 g of yellow and 300 (350) 350 g of beige; for a scarf - 400 g yellow; Knitting needles number 8; circular needles number 8; 6 beige buttons with a diameter of 30 mm. 


number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 0 (2) 0 p. + 2 chrome. 

Persons rows: chrome., alternately 2 persons., 2 out., finish 0 (2) 0 faces., chrome. 

Out rows: knit loops according to the pattern. In the 2nd p. (= persons. row) loops shift by 2 p. 

Alternately 1 person., 1 izn. The hinges shift by 1 p. In each row. 

Front and back rows - front loops. 

number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 p. + 2 chrome. Knit according to the above scheme. The diagram shows only the front rows. In the purl rows of the loop knit by drawing. In width start with chrome. and with loops before rapport, repeat rapport, finish with loops after rapport and chrome. In height, perform 1 time from the 1st to the 50th p., 1 time from the 100th to the 184th p. and repeat the sequence of patterns once more = just 368 rows. 

Pattern of "braids" knit with edging edges "chain": in persons. to knit the 1st n. of the front folded row, at the end before the last loop of the row, send the thread back (away from you) and remove the last loop, as when seamming; in out. strand the 1st st. to knit with the purl crossed, before the last loop of the row to send the thread forward (to itself) and remove the last loop, as with the purl knit. 

13 p. X 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a “Cell” pattern and pearl pattern; 
13 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with a garter stitch; 
14, p.5 x 19.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pattern of "braids" (samples are made on the spokes number 6). 



Dial with needles No. 6 in dark ‑ gray thread 66 (72) 78 p. And 1st p. (= izn. series) to knit with purses (in further calculations this series is not taken into account). 

Continue the pattern of "cells". 

After 16 cm = 38 p. change the thread from the dial-up row to yellow and knit with a pearl pattern, at the same time for a clear transition from the color to the color of the 1st persons. a series of knit facial. In the 76th p. from the dial-up row close on both sides 1 time by 3 p. 

Through 31.5 cm = 76 p. from the dial-up series, the remaining 60 (66) 72 points temporarily leave. 

Tie as back. 

In needles No. 8, dial with a dark gray thread 38 (40) 42 points and the 1st p. (= izn. row) to knit purl. 

Continue the pattern of "cells".

After 11.5 cm = 28 p. from the dial-up row, add on both sides, first 1 times for 1 p., then another 6 times in each 8th p. (7 times alternately in every 6th p. And in every 8th p.) 8 times in each 6th p. 1 p., added loops to include in the pattern and knit thread appropriately. colors = on the needles 52 (56) 60 p. 

Simultaneously in 18.5 cm = 44 p. from the typesetting row, change the thread to yellow and knit with a pearl pattern, at the same time in the 1st person. a row of loops knit facial. 

In the 86th p. from dial-up number (= izn. number). close on both sides 1 time for 3 p. and after 36 cm = 86 p. the remaining 46 (50) 54 items from the dial-in series are temporarily postponed. 

The loops of the front, right sleeves, backs and left sleeves should be translated into circular needles No. 8 = total 212 (232) 252 p. Knit with a beige thread in rows in the forward and reverse directions with knotted edges (= first and last stitches are knitted). 

Simultaneously in the 1st p. neighboring chrome. Knit the hinges of the right (in the toe) Raglan bevels on the front and the right and left Raglan bevels on the back with the front (these loops are marked = the middle of the ragl lines), and at the end of the row for the fastener for the fastener type new 3 sections former).

In the 5th p. yokes to start raglunts: at the beginning of a row, knit 4 nursing stitches, 2 nos. knit together the front one, on each of the 3 following raglannye sections the last 4th and 5th n. knot together the front crossed side of the marked middle, and 4 st and 5th subsection after the marked middle knit together the front one (8 abbreviated in a row) = between subtracts along one raglan line 7 sect. at the end of the row, knit until the last 6 points, then 2 points, knit together the front one and 4, tie the front ones = 204 (224) 244 points. Repeat these additions another 17 (19) 21 times in each 4th p.

At the same time for the 1st hole for the buttons at the beginning of the 9th p. yoke knit: 2 persons., 2 p. knit together the front and make a nakid. In izn. a series of knit knit facial. The remaining 4 holes to perform with an interval of 5 cm = 14 p. (5.5 cm = 16 p.) 6 cm = 18 p. 

After 25 cm = 74 p. (27.5 cm = 82 p.) 30 cm = 90 p. from the beginning of the coquette on the knitting needles 68 (72) 76 p. 

Next, on these loops, knit a knitted collar without a decrease. In the next 14 (16) 18th p. make the last buttonhole. 

After 10 cm = 30 p. from the beginning of the collar close all loops face. 

Run side seams and sleeve seams. At the end of the cut for fastener sew allowances, overlapping each other. Sew buttons. 

Dial on needles No. 8 with yellow thread 44 items and knit with a pattern of "braids". 

Through 188 cm = 368 p. loop close on drawing.

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