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The cones in the Spinnaker model. The original of the cone in Spinnaker is connected from 4 loops: 

The first two rows are knitted with a purl, the third row is knitted one face loop, two rows lower, weave, remove the next loop without tying, we knit one face loop into the same the very loop, which was two rows down, the fourth row — we knit these 4 loops with the purses, the fifth row — we knit the 4 loops together with the front one. 


My alteration: a stitch of 3 loops, which seemed to me more beautiful, more symmetrical and much easier to knit:
first two rows - knit with purl, third row - knitting one face in a loop, which is two rows below, 1 face item, knitting one face in the same loop, which is two rows below, fourth row - knitting these 3 loops, purl, fifth row - we knit these 3 loops together with the front loop with the central loop at the top (remove 2 loops, return the first to the left knitting needle, central loop before work, then return to the knitting needle and central loop (change places as when knitting arans). 

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