Crochet Long Pullover Pattern

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Knitted long pullover knitting can be a mini-dress, tunic, sweater. The model is decorated with a woven pattern of different textures, separating the top and bottom of the sweater.

Size: 36/38 (40/42 in)

You will need: 550 (600) G blue (color 12) yarn Colmo Lana Grossa (55% merino wool, 25% baby Alpaca, 20% mohair, 120 m/50 g); Knitting Needles № 6, Hook № 5.

Braided and Woven pattern: knit According to the scheme of a/C. Start with loops before the 1st arrow, repeat Raport = 6 p. Between the arrows, finishing loops after the 2nd arrow. When performing a braided pattern to link the scheme a 1-st-10th p., repeat the 3rd-10th p., while performing a woven pattern on the scheme B repeating the 1st-4th p.

The density of knitting: 13.5 p. and 27 P. Braided Pattern, spokes № 6 = 10 x 10 cm; 14.5 p. and 35 of the weaving pattern, spokes № 6 = 10 x 10 cm.

Description of knitting of sweaters by spokes:

Backrest: On the Spokes № 6 Dial 61 (67) p., Tie 1. P. Persons. P. and perform braided pattern in the described distribution of loops. For Skosov to add on both parties in each 40th p. 3 x 1 P. and in each 8th p. 3 x 1 P. = 73 (79) p. Added loops knit braided pattern. After 54 cm = 147 p. From the beginning of the work knit yoke only woven pattern. After 5 cm = 18 p. From the beginning of yoke for armholes to close on both sides 4 p. = 65 (71) p. After 18 (19) cm = 62 (66) p. From the beginning of the armhole all loops close, the average 33 p. Mark for Neckline, 16 (19) L. On both sides-shoulders.
Before: knit, as a backrest, but to cut the neck through 15 (16) cm = 52 (56) p. From the beginning of the yoke to close the middle 13 p. and knit further separately, closing the edges of the cut in each 2nd p. 1 x 3 P., 1 x 2 p. and 5 x 1 p.
The remaining 16 (19) p. of each shoulder is closed at the height of the backrest.

Sleeves: On spokes № 6 to dial 31 p., to tie 1 izn. P. Persons. N. and perform braided pattern in the described distribution. For Skosov add on both sides in each 12th p. 10 (11) x 1 P. = 51 (53) p. Added loops knit woven pattern. After 49 cm = 133 p. From the beginning of the work to make on both sides of the mark. After 3 cm = 8 p. From marks all loops freely

Assembly: Perform seams, sew sleeves to the marks. Crochet № 5 to tie the edge of the neck cut 1 p. St. b/N and 1 p. "Raca Step" (art. b/n from left to right). Let's get the sleeves.

Source : https://domihobby.ru/1927-vyazanie-tuniki-spicami-tkanym-uzorom.html

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