Knitting White Tunic Free Pattern

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Tunic Size: 36-38 
You will need: Yarn "cotton") (100% cotton, 180 m/100 R)-500 R white color, spokes № 3.5. 
Oator: Knit on the hem.
Knitting density: 17 N. x 24 rows = lOx 10cm. 
Backrest: knit in a transverse way from one sleeve to another. On the Сnsy dial 40 p., knit the main pattern. At an altitude of 16 cm, dial additionally on the left side of the 83 p. = 123 P. Continue knitting the main pattern. At an altitude of 43 cm close 83 p. On the left side = 40 p. and knit another 16 cm straight. Close the loops. 
Before: Knit similarly. 
Assembly: Shoulder seams with a length of 28 cm, side seams and sleeve seams. All edges tie crochet 1 near art. b/N.

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