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Today I propose to talk about the dress "White Lotus". To date, there are two versions of this dress and explain why. The first version was made to order as a wedding, the second is already improved-as a cocktail. 
So, the dresses were knitted from the yarn Violet firm Yarntatr, the size of 44-46 leaves about 16 skein. The elements were sewn together with the same manufacturer's strands of Canaris. 

The dress combines two knitting techniques: Irish and
Romanian lace. The main composition consists of four elements-a large flower (lotus) and to it from the bottom are nailed three leaves. The diagrams of all elements are given below. We prepare such compositions and sew it in a strip. Small voids between the elements fill the string "caterpillar".
There are no diagrams of this cord, but detailed master classes are available on the Internet. The neckline of the front and back of the dress you can lay out or only lotus flowers, or small leaves. It already depends on the imagination of the master. When you have the front and back panel of the dress + side strips of floral compositions, you can fill the rest of the space with a cord. Though at first sight the dress seems not difficult, in fact it is very laborious. It takes a lot of time to put the cord and its styling into a beautiful pattern. And I have the left and right sides symmetrical. =)) 

I try to do so my dresses, that it was impossible to tell,
It's handmade. I want my products to be associated not with handmade, but haute couture. But that, as they say, my already cockroaches. 

I hope to someone useful description of this model. All
Light eyelets and excellent mood!!! =)

Tip № 1. The maximum length of the cord I knit is about 1
Meters. If the knit cord is longer with it it is hard to work.

Tip № 2. The ideal fit is achieved by
All the work on the assembly of the dress passes either on the dummy, or on the man.

Tip № 3. Knit the cord with a smaller hook than other elements.
The cord should be tight and keep the shape well. 

Source : https://vk.com/club35523127?z=photo5409097_417624769%2Fwall-35523127_853

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