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Dimensions: length of the scarf with a hood (without brushes) 210 cm, width 30 cm, hood 72 x 84 cm.

You will need: yarn (75% wool, 25% silk, 200 m / 100 g) 1000 g sulfur; spokes number 7 and 1 auxiliary spoke; hook number 7

Patterns and knits:

Garter stitch: face and purl rows of facial loops.

Facial smoothness: facial rows of facial loops, purl rows of purl loops.

Patterns with "Spit" A and B: knit by schemes A and B: persons. rows from right to left, in the unreduced. Rows of a loop knit on a drawing. Knit 1 times in width on the given 16 loops, repeat in height from the 1st to the 10th row.

Nodal edge edge: in each row, the first and last loops should be ligated with facial.

Knitting density: 13 p. X 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by a double filament with the facial smoothness with knitting needles No. 7 of 16 st of the pattern with "Spit" = 7.5 cm.

Attention! The product is knitted in 2 strands! 

The right end of the scarf:

double thread to collect 52 items and knit, having distributed loops of patterns as follows: 1 persons. (= knotted edge edge), 4 stems of garter stitch, 16 pt of pattern A, 10 pts of faces. smooth hair, 16 stitches of pattern B, 4 st. garter stitch, 1 face. (= knot edge edge). After 70 cm = 140 p. in the no. close the row of 46 items and for the remaining 6 items continue to knit with garter stitching of the front hood strap with knotted chrome. edges. Having connected a lath in length of 36 sm = 76 r., To translate loops on an auxiliary thread.

Left end of the scarf:

knit like the right, but the front bar for the hood is knit from the left edge. To do this, after the 139th р. in the next. close 46 p., for the remaining 6 p., make a bar length of 36 cm = 76 r. and transfer the loops to the auxiliary thread.


double the thread to score 106 points and knit, distributing the loops patterns in the following sequence: 1 person. (= knotted edge edge), 4 stems of garter stitch, 16 st of A pattern, 64 stitches of faces. smooth hair, 16 stitches of pattern B, 4 st. garter stitch, 1 face. (= knot edge edge). At 56 cm = 112 r. note 2 middle hinges and start adjustments and additions to loops. For this, knit: persons. chrome., 4 st. garter stitch, 16 st stitches A, 1 faces., 2 n. tie together with the slope to the left (= 1 st. remove, as in the face knitting, the next loop to tie off the facial and removed the loop to extend through the knitted) , 28 p. Persons. smooth, before the 2 marked middle loops from the broach add 1 person. crossed loop, 2 middle loops to be tied with facial, from the broach to add 1 person. crossed loop, 28 p. facial smoothness, 2 stitches together face, 1 face., 16 st of B, 4 st. garter stitch, face. chrome. As a result of the discounts and the increase of the loops on the spokes, the same number of loops remains. These adjustments and increases to be made in each 2-rd р. 7 more times. Then knit with the previous distribution of loops. After 18 cm = 36 r. from the last deductions / increments for the rear bevel hood knit shortened rows. To do this, in person. row knit according to the pattern until the last loop before the middle, turn with the cape and et. row the tie to the end. Leave the left halves left temporarily. In the next row, knit up to 2 sts before the turn loop and turn with the cape. Then every 2 nd р. perform the shortened: 1 time for 2 points, 2 times for 3 points and 2 times for 4 points, turning each time with the help of a cap. Then loop the right halves temporarily leave the left half of the hood finish symmetrically. To do this, from the middle perform rows shortened: 1 time per 1 point,


details to stick on the pattern, moisten and leave to dry. Left hinges = 6 stitches of the front hood strips are connected with a seam "loop into the loop". The left hinges of the halves of the hood are also connected with a seam "loop in a loop", with each loop of rotation with the next loop counted as one loop. The hood is sewn to the scarf, as shown in the drawing details drawing. At the ends of the scarf, attach 17 brushes at equal distances from each other. For each brush, cut 9 threads in length of 40 cm, fold them in half and crochet out the end with a fold through the knitted fabric to form a loop. Now let the free ends of the thread pass through this loop to crochet it.

Soırce : https://knitt.net/dlinnyj-seryj-sharf-s-kapyushonom.html

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