Knitting Scarf Tutorial

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A braid from the removed long loops + handkerchief. 

A braid from the removed long loops 
Dial 26 loops (the number should be divided by 6 plus 2 edges). 
1st row - facial loops. 
2nd row - purl loops. 
3 rd row - from each loop to untie the front loop with three turns (knit like this: insert the spoke into the loop from left to right and wind the end of the needle 3 times counter-clockwise).
4th row - after the edge band, remove, without tying, from the left knitting needle to the right 6 loops while pulling them out at the expense of the loops dropped from the knitting needle, then return all 6 loops to the left knitting needle, then insert the right knitting needle in 4, 5 and 6 loop, pull them up and stretch the first 3 loops in them, then put the 4th, 5th and 6th loops on the left knitting needle and fasten the 6 loops in turn with the backs, and so on. 
The 5th row is like the 3rd. 
6th row - 3 loops to be loosened alternately with the backs, * 6 loops to take off on the right knitting needle (throwing off the loops), pick up the first 3 loops with the left knitting needle and extend through them 3 following (as in the 4th row), then 3 stretched loops again put on the left knitting needle and fasten the loops alternately with the backs. From * repeat to the end of the row. At the end of the row there are 3 purl and edge bands.
7th row - the pattern should be repeated from the 3rd row.

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