Crochet Mini Dress Free Pattern

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Knitting tunic is made with a pattern of "popcorn" of yarn 100% polyamide 
Size: European 3840, Ru Ssky 4446 (WL) 
Materials: 8 skein yarn Verano (100% polyamide, 50 _/165 straight and circular spokes Z, the crack 3.0 mm. 
button with a diameter of 2 cm. 
Work density: 34 Loops • 36 Series = 1 Ohm 0 cm. 
Elastic band 1/1: 
1st row: Li4, • izn_, 1 li4, repeat from 
The 2nd and all subsequent ranges: knit facial over the facial and purls over the purl. 
Popcorn Pattern: 
1st row: Remove the Loop, • (1 li4, 1 izn_, 1 LCH) 8 trace. Loop, Touch Z loops together Izn_, repeat from •, finish 1 
2nd row: Izn_ loops. 
3rd row: Remove the loop, • Pull the loops together izn_, (1 persons, 1 Izn_, 1 persons) 8 trace. Loop, repeating from finish 
4th row: Izn_ loops. 
Repeat 1-4 Series for the pattern. 

Knitting tunic, description of work: 
Backrest: Dial 142 loops with Needles Z. 
Knit Rubber Band 
Then knit a pattern of "popcorn". 
At an altitude of 48 cm. Close to the armhole on each side of the 9 loops. 
At an altitude of 60 cm. Divide the work into two native parts and finish the right and left sides of the backrest separately. 
At an altitude of 64 cm. Close the hinges. 
Before: Start knitting as at the backrest. 
At an altitude of 52 cm. Close the central 60 loops, continue knitting the right and left side of the front together but with 
Different Motks (as two separate parts). 
Simultaneously add on the side of the neck 8 each second row of 6 loops-5 times. 
Again knit all loops of the front with a common Hank 8 pattern. 
At an altitude of 64 cm. Close the hinges. 
Assembly: Sew 11 cm. Each shoulder. 
Raise 102 loops One-dimensional along the armholes. 
Knit Rubber Band 
-1 cm. 
Close loops. 
Repeat for the second armholes. 
Sew the sides. 
Raise 150 loops around the front hole on the circular spokes. 
Knit Rubber Band-1 cm. 
Close loops. 
Raise 100 loops along the neck. 
Knit Rubber Band 
1 cm. 
Close loops except the last. 
Remove the last loop on the Crumb, Dial 8 vp_, connect the connecting column in the first loop ( 
Sew a button. 

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