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42 x 176 cm 
You will need 
Yarn (75% moss, 25% silk; 225 m / 25 g) - 50 g each in yellow, cyclamen, lilac, green, and green; Hook # 3, 5 
Patterns and schemes 

Pattern for a hook 
Knit on the given scheme. Start with a front arrow 1 st arrow, repeat rapport (= 16 sec. Between the arrows) and end with hats after the 2nd arrow. At the height of 1 times tie the 1st to the 7th row, then follow the 2nd to the 7th row. If the icons are connected downwards, then the pillars and knit in one and the same hinge. If knowledge marks are connected, stalls are tied together. 
The pillars of the nakida 
Each series begins with 1 vp 
Fillet pattern 
3 v. P. rise (= 1st st. with / n), * 1 paras., 1 pp allow, 1 tbsp. s / n, from * repeat. 
Sequence of bands 
* 1 p. green, 
1 p. deep

1 p. purple, 

1 p. cyclamen, 

1 p. yellow, back off 


tightness Chain of 23 inc. x 18 p. = 10 x 10 cm, bound by shining for the hook. 
Sharf knit across. 

Execution of work with a 
green thread to perform a chain of 400 ce + 2 inc. lift (count as 1st p.) and knit with a pattern for a hook with stripes, changing the color of the thread in the specified sequence. 

Through 41.5 cm = 75 p. from the dial-up row to tie another 1 p. Comm. Art. green thread. The job is finished. 

Tie the sides of the scarf as follows: 1 p. green thread st. b / n, 1 p. deep thread fillet wadding, 1 p. lilac thread st. b / n, 1 p. c.flame thread st. b / n, 1 p. yellow thread patterned pattern, 1 p. green thread st. b / n

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