Chic Cardigan Free Pattern

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Pattern with crossed loops 

The diagram shows the facial and Purls rows. Purls rows are shown as you see them on the front side. It means that in even (purl) numbers the designation "obverse loop" is knit reverse, "Two together Obverse" (on the front side-inclination to the right) is knitted, as two together reverse. 

The designation "Two together a stretch" (on the front side-inclination to the left) is knitted so-to remove 2 loops as obverse on the right spoke, then to move them again on the left, not twisting, and to carry them together reverse behind a back wall. 

In the Vixen row of the crossovers 3 loops to the right perform as follows: Move the first loop on the sun before work, 2 Purls, the left loop reverse.

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