Crochet White and Black Dress Pattern

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Crochet Dress

Size: 38

You will need to

Yarn Novita Bambu (50% Bamboo-viscose, 50% cotton, 133 m/50 g)-200 g black color, 100 g white color.

Hook № 2.

Description of Knitting dress

Before and back (2 parts): A black thread tie 8 squares According to the scheme 1. Sew 4 squares into the lane. The long sides of each band tie 4 rows of pattern on the diagram 2.

Attention: In the process of strapping, knit up the straps of the required length according to the scheme 2. Link the second lane in the same manner. Then, on both sides of the top, mark 20 cm for the armholes. Connect the details of the front and back of the white yarn with a chain of 21. Further knit the side insert according to the Scheme 3, with its help continuing to connect the details of the front and backrest. The first 18 rows are knit straight. In the next 18 rows add on both sides No 1 art. S/n in each row. In the next 16 rows add 1 art. S/n in each 2nd row.

Attention: at knitting of a lateral insert all art. c/n Knit, a little pulling in height. Link the second side insert similarly.

Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. The armholes bind the black thread of the art. b/N.

pattern and pattern for knitting dresses

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