knitted childrens elegant dress with openwork raglan lines

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Girl up to a year. 

Yarn Nako Ninni Bebe (100% acrylic; 50g / 425m) - 1 hank. 

Spokes number 2.5. 

Buttons 17 pcs. 

Begin knitting from the neck. 

We set up 78 ptl and knit 2 p-yes faces. / Satin, then 3 p-yes handkerchief. / Viscous. 

Track. rd knit like this: 6 ptl plotting / viscous, 10 pt facial./ Ladi (part of the back), add 1 pt making nakid, 1 person./ptl, adding. 1 ptl making a cape, 10 ptl person./ ch (loop for the sleeve), add 1 ptl making a nakid, 1 person./tpl, adding. 1 PTL, 22 PTL persons./ Ch. (loop front), adding. 1 ptl doing a nakid, 1 person./ptl, having added. 1 ptl doing nakid, 10 ptl persons./ Ch. (loop sleeves), having added. 1 ptl doing a nakid, 1 person./ptl, having added. 1 pt nakid, 10 pt fac. / Smooth, 6 pt kerchief / mating.

Knit in this order the faces. / Satin stitch, at the same time, performing the scheme with raglan increments: from 1st to 19th district 2 times = 238 PTL (about 10 cm). And after 50 ptl of each sleeve, tie a handkerchief. / Elm. 1 cm and loop close. 

After knitting together in front and back, as one piece (we do not knit knit), faces. / Ch. and around the edges of 6 pt. We knit 4 cm, after the same knit with a rubber band 2 Face x 2 Iz - 3 cm. Next 

. p-do make an increase in 1 ptl = 276 ptl and knit 23 cm, then knit a handkerchief / viscous 2 cm and close the loop. 

Make on the right side of the back of 9 buttonholes, the distance should be 3 cm from each other. 

The remaining 7 buttons sew (see photo), as the decor in front and sew one button on the bow. 

Knit a bow:

We set 24 ptl and knit 2 cm handkerchief. / Elm. close the loop. Pull, giving shape with a thread, a bow in the middle, sew a bow in the center of the belt and a button. 

Make a twisted cord of approx. 20 cm and sew to the bow, as in the photo

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