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Jacket crocheted with an openwork pattern

The Crochet Crochet 40-42 (46-48) size is made from 600 (700) grams of purple yarn. 

Patterns for knitting. 

The main pattern  - the number of loops is a multiple of 11 + 2. Knit by the scheme, starting each row with the designated cp. lifting instead of the first loop. Bind from the 1st to the 4th row and then repeat from the 5th to the 7th p. The last link is the 11th river (8th river). 
Edge with pico.  1 row - st.b / n. 
2nd row - 1 st. rise, * 2 st.b / n, pico (= 3 bp, connection back to 1st st), skip 1 st.b / n of the previous river *, repeat from * to end of the row. 
Knitting density:  18 p. X 7 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Jacket crocheted

Crochet patterns. 

The model is knitted from top to bottom. Arrows on the pattern indicate the direction of knitting. 
To knit the backrest  hook number 2, 5, type a chain of 68 (79) in. and continue with the basic pattern. After 16 (18) cm from the initial chain add for the armhole on two sides in each row 2 times 1 st and 3 n = 78 (89) n. At a total height of 54 (56) cm, having connected the last 11th row schemes, to finish knitting. 

Right shelf knit on a chain of 18 (20) v. the basic pattern. After 3 rows add for the neck of the neck on the left side in each row 16 (21) times in 1 loop. Simultaneously, after 16 (18) cm from the initial chain add for the armhole on the right side in each row 2 times 1 st and 3 n = 39 (46) n. At a total height of 54 (56) cm, linking the last 11- th row of the circuit, knitting the shelves to finish. The left half of the jacket is tied symmetrically. 

Knitting Sleeves.  Sew the shoulders. At the edge of the armhole, connect one row st.b / n. Continue knitting the central 13 (21) sts, patterned by the scheme, adding from two sides in each row 11 times 2 n = 57 (65) n. Then leave for the bevels on both sides in each 3rd row 9 (11 ) times 1 in each case = 39 (43) n. At a total height of 55 cm, having connected the 11th row of the scheme last, knit the sleeves to finish. 

Assembly. Sew up the sleeves, make side seams. Tie the edges of the shelves, the neckline of the backrest and the lower edges of the sleeves with two rows of edges with a pico. For ties, connect 2 chains from the intersection. length 15 cm each and sew them at the beginning of the neck cut.

Pattern for knitting


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