White Short Dress Crochet Pattern

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Description and Material 

3 skeins Circle Anne 20 Color (natural); 

Needle Crochet Circle 1, 75mm; 

Size M

Points used: Corr. – Chain, p. bx. – Low point, P.B. – down, P.A. – High point. 

Abbreviations – p.: Point, Nov.  -Hanks, Carr. Career, AG. – Needle, working: Work, Diag. – Diagram, Rep. – Repeat.

Squares – Start the motif by doing 6 Corr., according to the graph, and close the ring with 1 p. Bxmo.. 1st Carr.: 2 Corr., 2 P.A. finalized together. So 7 times repeat: 3 Corr, and 3 P.A. finalized together. Carr. Ends with P. Bxmo.. Second Carr. Make 3 p.a. finalized together and 4 Corr. For each base handle. 3rd Carr.: Again on the base handles, make 2 P.B., 3 Corr., 2 P.B. and 9 more.. The fourth Carr. It's all P.A.: Make 10 p.a. on each of the top 8 handles on the base. Fifth Carr. Make 1 P.B. and 4 Corr. On the base fans, according to the chart, remembering to increase to 5 Corr. In the ranges between fans. The sixth and last Carr. It has two P.A. finalized together, 4 Corr, plus 2 P.A. finalized together and 4 more Corr. On the handles with 5 Corr. On the base. and only 1 P.B. and 4 Corr. On the other handles. P. Bxmo, close the back and we can cast off. 

Dress-front and back are the same, each with 15 squares. Make the squares union by keeping the collar, the digs and the legs open. To make each mango we'll need six squares. Make the union between them and in the cava of the dress. Repeating the steps to make the second sleeve, we can already weave the beak.

Finish-Follow the diag. To make the fans with 7 p.a. between P.B. of the nozzle. 

Source :https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/ageeva_tania/post437080387/

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