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Sizes (Russian): 44/46 (48/50) 52-56 

You will need: for a dress 400 (450) 500 g blue; for a jacket 150 (200) 200 g of green and turquoise yarn, 100 (150) 150 g of Artemis blue and bluish-green yarn (55% silk, 45% cotton, 145 m / 50 g) LANG YARNS, straight and circular needles No. 4.5; 1 button. 

Knitting technique. 
Shawl: persons. and izn. R. - persons. P. 
Facial surface: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. Item. 

Openwork pattern for item 11: knit according to the scheme. In izn. R. all loops and nakida knit izn. Begin according to the instructions, repeat the loop of rapport, finish the meaning. Repeat from the 1st to the 12th p. When performing additions and reductions, make sure that the nakida and knit stitches together balance each other. 

The density of knitting, the front surface and the openwork pattern: 21 p. And 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 



Back: dial 128 (135) 146 p. And knit between the chrome. openwork pattern, while for the 2nd and 3rd size to start with 1 chrome. and loops from the arrow B, perform the repeat loop 12 and 13 times, finish 1 chrome. For bending close on both sides in each 8th p. 16 x 1 p. At the same time, after 18 cm from the typesetting edge, knit faces. satin stitch. After 42 cm from the change of the pattern, knit again with an openwork pattern, while in the 1st p. subtract 1 n. After 16 cm from the change of pattern, close the 37 (40) 45 n for the neckline cut and knit further separately, closing in the 2nd p. along the edges of the cutout 1 x 1 n. After 18 cm from the change of patterns, close the remaining n. shoulders. 

Before: knit like a back, but for a deeper neckline, after 4 cm from the change of pattern, close the average 21 (24) 29 points, then close along the edges of the neckline in each 2nd p. 1 x 4, 1 x 3 and 2 x 1 p.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams. Neckline tie 1 p. Art. b / n and 1 p. "Rach'ogo step" (Art. B / n from left to right). Run the side seams, leave the upper 18 (20) 22 cm open for armholes. Arms tie the same way as neckline. 


Attention: the jacket fits in two parts, starting from the middle of the back and from the edge of the shelf. The arrows on the pattern - the direction of knitting.

The left half of a jacket: for a back with a turquoise thread, dial 98 points and knit as follows: chrome., Openwork pattern from arrow A, repeat the repeat of the rapport 8 times, chrome. Through 10.5 cm = 32 p. from the edge of the dial add 1 x 2 n. for the rounding of the neckline at the right edge, in the 2nd p. 1 x 1 p. And include in the pattern = 101 p. Postpone the loop. For the left shelf turquoise thread dial 69 p. And, starting from the 5th p. schemes, knit openwork pattern as follows: chrome., openwork pattern from the arrow B, perform looping 6 times, chrome. At the same time, add a neckline for the bevel at the left edge in each 2nd p. 14 x 2 p. And 1 x 3 p. And included in the pattern = 100 p. Through 10.5 cm = 32 p. from the dial edge of the shelf and 12 cm = 36 p. from the typesetting edge of the back knit on all 201 items on the pattern, matching chrome. include in the pattern. Through 24 (26) 28 cm from the dial edge of the back and 22, 5 (24.5) 26.5 cm from the dial edge of the shelf close for the side edges on both sides 1 x 29 p. And knit the sleeve with a blue-green thread, for beveling sleeves on both sides in each 2-m p. 28 x 1 p. After 20 cm from the color change, tie a 3 cm garter stitch for the strap of the sleeve and close all the loops.

The right half of the jacket: knit symmetrically to the left half, but the shelf and back to perform a green thread, sleeve - a blue thread. 

Assembly: complete the back seam of the jacket and shoulder seams. For the left plank, type around 69 p. On the edge of the left shelf, 62 p. On the edge of the neckline to the middle of the back, tie 3 cm with garter stitch on all hinges and close all loops. Do the right bar in the same way, but with a green thread and at the top of the straight edge of the shelf, make a hole for the button (close 3 p. And re-dial in the next page). Run the seam strips in the middle of the back. Run side seams and sleeve seams. Sew a button.

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