Four Color Pullover Free Pattern

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Four Color pullover Sizes: 34/36 (40) 44/46 
You will need: yarn (96% cotton. 4% Polyester; 160 m/50 g)-150 in 
(150) 200 g pink. As well as for 100 
(100) 150 g mint. Light Salmon 
and the Acre: Spokes 4; Hook 3.5, 
Pattern 1: Main pattern (number of loops 
Multiple 15 + 1 + 2 kromovyi) = Knit 
Consent Cookie. Skene. On it are given facial and 
Purls ranks. Start with Chrome " 
Raport constantly repeating. Law. and 1 Kroi. Constantly repeating 3 – 8-t rows. 
Sequence of Bands: 8 Pink. Mint. Light Series 
Salmon. Color. The same. From • constantly Repeat 
Density of Knitting: 245 p, x 29 p, 2 10x10 Si. 
Backrest: Double pink Thread 
Dial on the Spokes 108 (123) 138 p.. 
And then knit with a single thread 
Pattern of 1 honeycomb. Pospedality 
Strips. After 50 cm 144 series (50 cm 
= 144 series) 52.5 cm = 152 series from 
Initial row Close all loops 
Mint (Iyatnoy) Light salmon 
The average 72 (75) 76 p, 
form a neck, external to 18 
(24) 31 p.-Shoulders, 
Before: Knit. As a backrest. 
Sleeves: Double Pink Thread 
Dial on the spokes for each hand- 
In 78 (78) Rs... And then knit 
Single thread pattern of 1 honeycomb. 
Sequence of strips. Through 44 Si = 128 rows from the initial row 
Close all loops with the thread of the " 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
The edge of a neck to tie a hook 
Mint (mint) Light Lososazoћ 
Thread 1 circular side. Art. 
Sew Sleeves, perform side 
Seams and seams of sleeves. 

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