Knitted Sleeveless Women Top Free Pattern

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S/M (M/L) L/XL
Width of the product on the grasp of the breast: 97 (106) 115 cm
Product Length: 62 (63 in) 64 cm

You will need to
Yarn for felting, or Rovnitsa (50% of sheep's wool, 25% alpaca wool, 25% Viscose; 50 g/110 m) – 6 (7) 7 Skein light grey (= main color), 2 (2) 2 rolls of lemon-green, 1 (1) 2 motki yellow; Circular Spokes № 4 length 40 and 80 cm, circular spokes № 4.5 length 80 cm.

Patterns and diagrams

Facial surface
In the front rows knit facial loops, in purl rows-purls loops.

In circular rows All loops knit face.

Knit alternately 2 Izn, 2 persons.

1 Kill
1 p. To remove, as at a personal knitting, the following loop to touch the front and to stretch it through a removed loop.

The Product is knitted in circular rows, as one detail, up to the armholes, then separately knit before and back in rows in the forward and reverse directions, thus at the beginning and at the end of each row the 1 front ridge Loop is delivered. If only one number/number of numbers is specified in the statement, this data applies to all sizes

Density of Knitting
18 p. x 23 – 24 R. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by the facial smoothness.

Doing the work

On Long Circular spokes № 4 to dial a light grey thread 176 (192) 208 p. and knit for the bottom strap 5 cm elastic band, starting with 1 person. And having finished 2 Izn, 1 persons.

Further to knit on circular spokes № 4.5 a face smooth jacquard pattern on the given scheme. In Height 3 times repeat from the 1st to the 28th row.

Now Knit The elastic band, with it start 1 persons. and finish 2 Izn, 1 persons.

After 2 SM from the beginning of a pattern of a rubber band to close in the next row the first 6 (8) 10 p. For the first Armus, to touch 76 (80) 84 p., to close the following 12 (16) 20 p. For the second armholes, to pass 76 (80) 84 p. And to close the last 6 (8) 10

Make Sure that the gum pattern starts/ends identically at the beginning/end of the front/backrest.

Loop Front (= 76 (80) 84 p.) temporarily leave and first finish the backrest (= 76 (80) 84 p.)

For rounding Armholes close on both sides at the beginning of each row 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 p.

The following 64 (68) 72 p. Knit straight until the height of the armholes (from the separation of parts) is 19 (20) 21 cm.

Then Close the Middle 24 (24) 26 p. Neck and both sides to finish separately.

To cut the cut, close at the beginning of the next row 2, 3 p.

At the Same time from the outer edge close for shoulder bevel 5, 5, 5 (5, 6, 6) 6, 6, 6 p.

The Second side to finish symmetrically first.

Close the hinges on both sides for a rounded armhole, as on the backrest.

Then Knit Straight Another 15 (16) 17 cm, close the middle 20 (20) 22 p. Neck and both sides to finish separately.

To cut the cut, close at the beginning of the next row 3, 2, 1, 1 p.

At height of armhole 19 (20) 21 cm (= to be checked on a back) to close loops for a shoulder bevel, as on a back.

The Second side to finish symmetrically first.

Perform shoulder seams. Beska: On circular spokes № 4 to dial a light gray thread on the edge of the Neck 92 (92) 96 p. and Knit 1 circle. P. Purl, then 7 Circle. P. Rubber band.

In the last circular series, close the loop.

On Circular Spokes № 4 to dial a light gray thread on the edges of the Armi 96 (104) 112 p. and knit 1 circle. P. Purl, then 9 circle. Rubber band.

In the last circular series of loops to close, at the same time to tie on both sides on the plots curves to 2 p. Together reverse.

On the second pass, the last row of the Kill is the same.

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