Crocheted slippers shoes for women

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They are knitted very easily. 

Knit the sole like this: dial a chain of 10 loops, then make a single crochet into 2 loops from the hook and the remaining 8 loops according to stb. In total, you have 9 loops, that is, stbn. It was 1 row. 

2,3, 4, 5.6 row we make an air loop and then we knit 1 stbn each column or (loop); 

we make an addition to the 7th row: we knit one stbn into the next 4 loops, 5 stitch knit into 5 loop, 1 stbn to the other 4 loops, that is, you should have 11 stbn. 

8 row and 20 knit in each loop for 1 stbn, total 11 loops in each row, but do not forget to make an air loop at the beginning of each row. 

21 rows in the first 4 loops, 1 stbn each, then 5 and 6 loops, 2 stbn each, and the remaining 4 loops, 1 stbn each. 

22 row 26 air loop and then 1 stbn to each loop, totaling 12 loops, i.e. stbn.
We do a decrease in the 27th row: we knit the first five loops with 1 stbn, and we knit the 6th and 7th loops together with the stbn, the next 5 loops with 1 stbn each, should make 11 stbn. 

28 row air loop and in each loop for 1 stbn, total 11 stbn. 32 row of 1 stbn in each loop, as a result of 7 stbn. This was the last row of the foot. Do not tear the thread.

29 row we do a decrease like this: we knit the first 4 loops by 1 stbn, then 5,6,7 we knit the loop together with one stbn, the next 4 loops by 1 stbn, it should be 9 stbn. 

30 row of 1 stbn in each loop and you should have 9 stbn. 

31 row again decrease: the first 3 loops are knitted by 1 stbn, the next 4, 5, 6 loop we knit together with one stbn and then the last 3 loops of 1 stbn each. You have to be 7 stb. Dalia we tie sides of 1 stb. On the side there should be 35 stbn, then on the heel 1 stbn and there should be 7 stbn. The next side is again 1 stbn, in the end there should be 35 eyelets in a sock, where the first column is made stbn. The next loop is pstb., The next 3 loops one by one csn, then pst and the last loop stbn.

Finish the job. You must have 78 loops in the circumference. We tear off the thread. Foot ready (oh sorry, when tying the heel should be 9 stbn). Now proceed to the sides. We knit so. Make a connecting loop, that is, attach the thread where you will do the strap or (as I don’t know Russian, sorry). And then we make 2 air loops and begin to knit in the direction of the heel. Wrong side hold to you, that is, to face. Row 1: 1 pst in each loop at the back wall of the eyelet, that is, it will be an eyelet that comes to you, but where you have planned, we decrease, that is, 2 loops with one post and so on in a circle. As a result, you should have 66 pst, connect with 2 air loop. Do not tear the thread, continue to knit.

Schedule 12 points where you will do a decrease, as shown on the slipper.

2 row: 2 air loops, unfold knitting and knit 1 pst in each loop. We count air loops for the first pst, as a result we connect 66 psts with 2 eyelets on the air column. 

3 row: we make 2 air loops, air loops are considered as the first pst. We expand the knitting and in the first loop we make a semi-column not for the loop, but for the previous column. Next loop pst and so on until the end of the row. As a result, you should have 66 pst, 33 of them pst for the loop and 33 pst for the front pole. We connect with 2 eyelets on the air column. 

4 row: We make 2 air loops, turn knitting and knit 1 pst in each loop, at the end of the row we connect with 2 loop on the air column, why column? Because every time you make 2 air loops, consider this as the first post, there should be 66 post.

5 row: in this row we start to make a strap, in this row we do not turn knitting. 2 air loops. We consider air loops as pst, the next one will be for the front walls of the previous one. Next pst for loop and so alternate to the place where you have a label strap. Cases 2 air loops and turn the knitting, then knit in the direction of the heel of 1 st in each loop to the next point where you have a strap. The thread does not break. 

We make 2 air loops and turn knitting * 1 pst for the front wall of the previous pst., 1 pst, 1 pst for the previous pst, 1 pst, 1 pst for the previous pst and 1 pst. * 6 leaves. We make 2 air loops and turn knitting, repeating from * We knit such 6 rows. We make 1 air loop and knit stbn in each loop, eventually 6 columns. We cut the thread.

From the second row knit for both loops. 

Toe Cap 

Type 8 loops.

1 row: in the 2nd loop from the hook is your first stbn, the rest of the loop is close to the end of the row. 

2 and all subsequent rows knit stbn, while do not forget to make the air at the beginning of each row. 

When you tie the length you need, tie it in a circle exactly as you tied the sole, only in the corners, tie it into one loop of 2 stb. This is for the rounding to occur. 

I do not sew, but I knit with a connecting loop for both loops, which are on the tongue and on the base, that is, on the side. 
8 eyelets - this is for all sizes, but I choose the length myself. 

According to the description, you should knit 11 rows of 7 stbn each and then tie them up, as I said before. 

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