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A long coat with a belt, hood and decorative jacquard patterns is the current production of viscous bowel. 

36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

NEED A Yarn (70% merino wool, 30% wool of the alpaca; 90 m / 50 g) - 800 (850) 900 g of boronovoi, 300 (350) 400 g of beige, and 200 (250) 300 g black; Spokes number 5,5; long circular needles number 5,5. 


Inceptive number of loops. Krom., Alternately 1 people., 1 out., 1 people., Cru. Hinge loops after each row. 

Facial rows - lyseum petals, seamy rows - seamy loops. 

Jacquard UZOR 
Rapport = 6 or 16 p. 

Knit cohl. counting the front surface of the threads from different coils in the Norwegian tehnike, while the unused thread freely pull on the inside of the work. 

In the diagram given persons. and izn. rows. 

In the 1–49th series and the 85–125th series, perform rapport 32 (35) 38 times, finish with the first 3 loops of the rapport. 

In the 50th series (= izn. Row), loop the loops as follows, while reading the loops of the counting circuit from left to right: start from the last 0 (1) 2 sections of parpport, perform rapport 12 (13) 14 times, finish first 3 ( 4) 5 p. Rapport. Distributing the loops in such a manner, knit up to the 84th row. 

Run 1 time 1–125th rows. 


17 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a small pearl pattern; 
plank: 6 s. = width 4 cm; 
18 p. X 22 p. = 10 x 10 cm, associated with a lable pattern. 

The back and the shelves, before the knitting, are knitted with a single cloth, with this, for unloading, knit on long circular needles in rows in the forward and reverse direction. Then the details finish apart. 



Black thread dial the buttons 207 (225) 243 p. And tie 3.5 cm with a small pearl pattern for the slat. 

Continue the work with the following pattern: 1 nodular edge (= one of the gadies) • 5 n. 1 fillet edge black thread (= 6 p. Slats). 

The outer 58 (62) 66 p. + 6 p. Slats represent the pods, the average 79 (89) 99 p. - spin. 

Starting from the 23rd row of the street view, continue the plans from both sides with threads from 1 separate black circle, respectively, and when changing the color of the thread, cross over on the outside of the thread to avoid forming holes. 

In 57 cm = 125 frames from the jacquard pattern, finish 1 of. beside the sideholes with a burgundy thread, at the same time for balancing the eye, evenly distribute 10 (12) 14 paragraph = 197 (213) 229 

section .  After 57.5 cm = 126 rows from the board, continue the work with black lines, using numbered pattern, and draw with a small pattern, and draw with a small pattern, and draw with a piece of ni thread. 

External on 55 (59) 63 p. + 6 p. Slats form shelves, medium 75 (83) 91 p. - spinning. 

23.5 cm = 70 rows (21.5 cm = 64 rows) 19.5 cm = 58 rows from the pattern, leaving the outer 55 (59) 63 p. + 6 p. Slats for polochnik. 

Continue work on the middle 75 (83) 91 p. With a small wolfberry burgundy thread, with it close for both sides in the 1st row 1 x 1 p., Then in each row 2 x 1 p. = 65 (73) 81 p.  

Through 42.5 cm = 128 rows from the change of the pattern, close for the humeral skull on both sides 1 x 3 p., Then close each 2 nd row with 3 x 3 ( 4) 5 points.  

At the same time, after 44 cm = 132 rows, from the change of the pattern, close the bottom for the mouth, an average of 19 points and finish both sides separately. 

For cross-linking by internal termination, close in each 2nd row 1 x 3 p. And 1 x 2 p. 

After 46 cm = 138 units of the pattern change, close the remaining 3 (4) 5 p. Shoulders. 

Unravel the last set of 55 (59) 63 hinges on the spokes + 6 hinge loops and continue working according to. thread color and pattern. 

The center and shoulder with the right edge run, ĸaĸ on the back. 

At the same time, for the mouth, 40.5 cm = 122 times after the pattern is removed, leave 6 loops of the bar and close the next 18 loops, then close each x2 section and 2 x 1 point. Close the backs of the backrest (3) 4) 5 p. Shoulder. 

The right shell 
Knit the same as the left, but in the mirror image. 

black thread to pick up the knitting needles for each rueva in 47 (53) 59 loops and, for a plan, tie 3.5 cm with a small pearl necklace. 

Continue with a jacquard pattern, with it start with 1 bass, repeat rapport 7 (8) 9 times, finish with the first 3 loops of papport and 1 edge. 

16.5 cm = 36 rows from the bar add 1 x 1 pt for each bevel, then 2 x 1 p. In each 8th row and 7 x 1 p. In each 6th row. the pattern and color of the thread. 

At the same time, in the 50–72th series, to distribute the jacquard pattern so that 1 motif in the form of a star (= the first 13 loops of the counting pattern) was decomposed on the average 13 loops of the rue. 

After 32.5 cm = 72 rows from the bar, finish the jacquard eye. 

Continue the work with a small pearl necklace with a cord, while continuing to carry out the attachments for the bevel of the sleeves = 67 (73) 79 

section .  Attention!
The increase in width due to the different density of knitting on the embedment is taken into account in the skirt size of the ruvaav. 

For a low depth of the arm, after 10 cm = 30 rows from the pattern change, close from one side 1 x 1 n., Then close each 4th row 4 x 1 n.  

After 13.5 cm = 40 bands from the pattern change, close the remaining 57 (63) 69 p. 

black thread to pick 259 (269) 279 stitches on the knitting needles and knit with a small pearl pattern, with 5 rows of black, 6 rows of burgundy and 5 rows of black thread. 

Through 5.5 cm = 16 rows from the initial row, close all the loops with a black thread. patterned. 

Run shoulder seams. 

For strap kapyushona vnov nabpat nA spokes 6 loops chernyh brackets and continue raboty small pearl uzorom, VARIATIONS this in the 1st pyadu of the indoor edge add 1 kromochnuyu litsevuyu sĸreschennuyu of poperechnoy yarn = 7 n. After 43 cm from nabopa loops zakpyt petli. 

The ends of the planks sew. 

For a hood with a burgundy thread, put on circular needles on the inside edge of the fringed edge of the hood strap 147 loop and knit with a small pearl pattern. For the crooked horizontal sideline, after 6 cm = 18 rows from the hinge set, close 1 x 1 nt with both sides, then close 17 x 1 nt in each 2 nd row and after the last subtraction weave 1 mark on the edge. Further, for the rear side, to close on both sides in each 2nd row 5 x 7 p. And 1 x 9 p. 

The edges of the rear part of the hood, with both sides, should be sewn to the rear edge, and if necessary, slightly press it down. Kapyushon sew in the mouth. Sew the seams of the hands and, while sitting down, sew up the hands. ‍ ‌

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