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The coat without fastener is decorated on the back with a structural pattern in the form of a branch with leaves. Strictly and beautifully.


XS / S (S / M) M / L (L / XL)


Yarn 1 (100% wool; 150 g / 280 m) - 4 (4) 4 (5) skeins of gray melange; 
Yarn 2 (75% mohair, 25% silk; 25 g / 125 m) - 8 (8) 9 (10) hanks of sulfur; Knitting needles number 6.5 and 7; circular needles № 6.5 with a length of 80 cm (preferably 2 pairs for slats).



1 person., 1 out.


Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops. In the circular rows of all loops knit facial.


Knit according to the scheme.


12 p. X 17 p. = 10 x 10 cm, tied with a front stitch in 2 threads (1 yarn 1 + 1 yarn 2).


The coat has no fastener, the shelves can be connected with a brooch at chest level. 

All rows of the front smoothing begin and end with the front edge loop (unless otherwise indicated in the instructions). If only one number / series of numbers is indicated in the instruction, this data applies to all sizes.



On the needles No. 7, dial in 2 threads (1 thread of yarn 1 + 1 thread of yarn 2) 74 (78) 82 (86) section and 1st row (= izn. Series) to knit like this: persons. Krom., 18 (20) 22 (24) p. gum (= * 1 persons., 1 int. *), next 36 p. to knit with facial (mark these loops on both sides with markers), knit 18 (20) 22 ( 24) p. Gum (= * 1 ex., 1 person. *), To finish a number of persons. chrome 

In the next persons. a number of average 36 p. knit purl, and loops on both sides of them - an elastic band. 

In the next w. a row of knit according to the pattern on the middle 36 p. pattern "leaflets", on the other loops on both sides continue to knit with an elastic band. 


The number of loops in the “Leaflets” pattern changes in the 24th p. rapport (= 36 points - this is the initial number of loops of the pattern). 

When the gum length is 8 cm, continue to knit on the elastic loops with the front satin stitch, and on the marked middle loops - with the “Leaflets” pattern along the entire back length. 

When the length of the back is 11 cm, in the next persons. a number to perform reductions: persons. chrome., 3 n. of a front smooth surface, 2 n. to knit together a front, knit up to the last 6 n. of a row, 1 decrease, 3 n. of a front smoothing, persons. chrome Repeat these increments every 7 cm - only 9 times on both sides = 56 (60) 64 (68) p.  

Then knit straight until the back length is 78 cm. Then close the arm on both sides at the beginning of the next 2 R. according to 2 (3) 3 (4) p.

In the next persons. A number of start raglan: chrome., 1 subtraction, knit up to the last 3 p. of a row, 2 p. knit together the front, persons. chrome In izn. row 2 knit stitches together on both sides as 1 kn. = on the front side are the front tracks = raglin lines. Regular reductions are repeated in every 2nd p. - just run 18 (19) 20 (21) times = 16 (16) 18 (18) p. Close the remaining loops in the same row.


On the needles No. 7 in 2 threads (1 thread of yarn 1 + 1 thread of yarn 2) dial 35 (37) 39 (41) section and knit 8 cm with an elastic band: persons. chrome., * 1 out., 1 person. *, repeat from * to *, end row 1 out., persons. chrome 

When the length of the elastic is equal to the length of the elastic on the back, continue to work the facial surface. 

After 11 cm from the dial-up row at the beginning of the front row, perform the following reductions: persons. Krom., 3 persons., 2 p. knit together the front, finish the series to the end, finish the faces. chrome Repeat this subtraction every 7 cm - just perform 9 times = on the needles 26 (28) 30 (32) p.  

Next, knit straight until the part is 78 cm long.

At the beginning of the next persons. row close for armhole 2 (3) 3 (4) p. Starting with the next person. to perform raglan cuts as described for the back, and simultaneously from 2 (3) 1 (2) raglan cuts at the end of the row to perform cuts for a bevel cut: knit up to the last 3 points on a knitting needle, 1 weight cuts, persons. chrome Regular subtracts to perform in every 2nd p. - a total of 16 (17) 18 (19) times. 

Increases for a bevel of a cut to carry out alternately in each 4th r. and in every 6th p. - a total of 6 (6) 7 (7) times. 

After the last drop on the needles, 2 points will remain. Cut the thread, 2 points, knit the face together and stretch the thread through the last loop.


Knit, as the left, but in a mirror image.


On the needles No. 6.5 in 2 threads (1 yarn thread 1 + 1 yarn thread 2) dial 32 (34) 36 (38) section and knit 8 cm with an elastic band: * 1 person., 1 wear. *, repeat from * to *. 

Go to the needles number 7 and continue to work the front surface. 

After 10 cm from the dial in a number of persons. row to perform on both sides by 1 addition: persons. chrome., 1 person., 1 increase, knit to the last 2 p. series, 1 increase, 1 person., persons. chrome These increments are repeated alternately in every 6th p. and in every 8th p. (in each 6th r.) alternately in each 4th r. and in every 6th p. (alternately in each 4th p. and in each 6th p.) - total to perform 9 (10) 11 (12) times on both sides = 50 (54) 58 (62) p. When the sleeve length is 45 cm, close on both sides of 2 (3) 3 (4) p. 

Starting with the next persons. rows, perform raglan reductions in the same way as described for the backrest — only 16 (17) 18 (19) times = on the needles 14 (14) 16 (16) p.  

For the upper bevel, close the faces at the beginning. rows 4, 4, 4 (4, 4, 4) 4, 5, 5 (4, 5, 5) p., continuing at the end of the faces. Ranks perform raglnyh reductions - 2 more times.


Knit the same way as the right one, but in a mirror image (= for the upper bevel of the loop, close the loop at the beginning of the internal rows). 


Run side seams, ragl seams and sleeve seams.


On circular needles No. 6.5, loop around the front edges of the shelves, the bevel of the notch and the edge of the back of the back evenly around the loop (the total number of loops must be odd). 1st p. (= izn. series) to knit facial crossed. 

Continue work with a rubber band: individuals. chrome., * 1 person., 1 external. *, repeat from * to *, finish a row of 1 person., persons. chrome 

After 6 cm from the beginning of the gum loop close in the front row. 

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