Knitting socks

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Calculations for knitting socks, I do not, just for children's socks dialed 44-48 loops, for women's 56-60 loops, for men's 64-68 loops (depending on the thickness of the thread). 

On one needle with a regular dial, type 60 p. + 1 p to connect into a circle. The number of loops for a rubber band 2 by 2 must be divided without a balance by 4. We distribute by 15 needles 15 p. Each and close them into a circle. We knit in a circle gum 2 by 2, starting with 1 out. n, then to the end of a row of 2 persons. n., 2 int., last loop 1 inter. Thus knit 7 cm gum. Then we make holes for the lace, we start knitting a row with a nakida, then knit 2 items together with the faces., 2 faces. n., again nakid, 2 n. together persons, 2 persons. n and so on until the end of the series.

Next row: all loops are facial. 

We continue to knit in a circle. Conditionally divide the loop into 2 parts, it turns out 30 p. Of the front and 30 n. Of the back. 

The beginning of the series where we have a tail of a thread from a set of loops. We begin to knit the first 30 paragraphs according to scheme 1 and continue 30 paragraphs to knit according to scheme 2. A total of 13 circular rows. 

You can knit more, socks get longer, but the thread will go longer. 

Here are the first 7 rows of the scheme. This is a front view. 

Now we will knit in turning rows only the front part (30p.) According to the pattern, the first and the last loops of the front part become edge-trimmed, the back part loops are not touched yet. 

For my size 38, I need to be tied in 17 cm long rotary rows.

The total length of the patterned part is 20-21 cm. For other sizes, it is necessary to add or subtract 1-1.5 cm in length. 
In the last rows, you can subtract a few loops in a large spit. 
The loops of the front end are finished with the wrong side, the thread is cut, the loops are set aside. 

Getting to knitting the back of the sock. To do this, attach the thread to the left of the first edge loop of the front. The thread fixing point is marked with a circle. We start knitting the back of the pattern in swivel rows, pulling out the new loops on each side of the front hinge loops on each side and put them into operation. We just get 7-8 loops from each side.
This is how it turns out after knitting several rows. We finish knitting the swivel rows from the side where the thread was attached, that is, the wrong side. 

We pick up another loop from under the edge front part and begin to knit a circular row with front loops: first we knit the back part loops, then from the remaining edge loops of the front part of the sock we collect new loops, then we knit the loops that we put off when we knit the front part of the sock and type the loops from each edge on the other. 
View from above. We knit the second exactly the same blank and will attach it to the sole.

We take the insoles, we outline the helium pen, the space for the holes. The distance between the holes is 7-8 mm. We punch holes. We tie up the insole with columns without nakida - we make 2-3 columns in one hole. We do not cut the thread, we will connect the toe and the sole with it. We connect the sole and the sock with a hook with connecting sticks. We decorate our socks.

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