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Today we knit a set for the girl "Rainbow". 
Children's things - it is always something special, unique. Embroidery, flowers, beads ... We dress our little fashionistas !!! 
Cap and Lens. The kit is simple and fits fast. A cap on the volume of the head 44 (for 9-12 months) and a small snud 16x23 (46). 
Yarn Alize "Bebe batik" 100 gr (1 skein) hook 3,5 and 3,25 for strapping the edge. A device for making pompons of 4.5 cm. 
Calculations for the cap and basic calculations for adding on separate photos. 
Little cap According to the basic calculation for adding knit circle circles with nakida. 12 wedges. My hat has a diameter of 14 cm. 
1-6 row (circle) knit with additions. In places of additions we knit two lush columns with 3 naquids. In the 6th row, in each of the 12 wedges, there will be 4 double crochets and 2 magnificent columns. 
7-10 row knit knit without additions with columns. In the middle of two magnificent columns we knit one (5 double crochets and one magnificent). 
11, 13, 15, 17 a row of columns without nakida. 
12, 16 row 1 column without nakida, 1 lush column, to the end of the row. 
14 row 1 lush column, 1 double crochet to the end of the row. 
18 row harness "pitch". 
Ties Lace of 70 loops (can be tied in any way). At the end of a ring of 12 double crochets. 
We make and sew pompons or pompon. Cap ready.
Snud. I knitted on a knitting machine, but you can knit or crochet. 

!!! If you have an arc size, then you need to increase the bottom of the cap and knit more rows without additions to the calculation. 

Enjoy viewing, inspiration and creative success !!! 

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