Knitting Shoes for Kids

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Size: 30 (38-39)

You will need: Yarn Novita isoveli (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 65 m/50 g)-50 (100) G Gray (067), 100 g pink (503), Nosassy spokes № 5.

Platelka Mating: persons. and N. Ranks are only persons. Loops: at circular knitting – alternately 1 row of persons. N. and 1 series of P.

Facial surface: For circular knitting-only persons. Loops.

The density of Knitting: 16 p. x 32 of a series of Platelkoj = 10 x 10 sm.

Another interesting model. Tie Socks-boots and your feet always warm

Dial the pink thread 34 (40) p., evenly divide the loops into 4 spokes. Knit in a circle, change of row-in the middle of the back. Bring in 4 rows of scarves, starting from a number of persons. Two rows of faces. Surface.

After that, bring the row with the "holes" as follows: * 2 P. Together persons., Scum, repeat *-* until the end of the series. Bring in two more faces. and 4 rows of Platelka, starting from a number of Loops (the last row must be of persons. Loops).

Then change the thread to gray and continue knitting two rows of people. With a smooth, 4-row knit, starting from a series of N., 2 rows of persons. and a further 3 rows of platinum binding, starting from a number of P. After that, bring in two more persons. and perform a series of "holes" as before.

Then bring in two rows of faces. and 7 rows of platinum binding, starting from a number of Loops (the last row must be a.). Cut the thread and continue to knit only the middle 12 (14) p. Gray Thread of the binding, the remaining loops set aside.

Bring straight and reverse rows of 22 (28) rows, then start to perform the decrease of the soap as follows: Bring 1 person. P., 2 persons. P. Together behind the back wall, then knit the faces. Loops, until you remain 3 p., bring 2 persons. P. Together for the front wall and 1 persons. P.

Bring the next row without a decrease. Repeat the decrease in each 2nd row for another 1 (2) times. The remaining 8 p. set aside. Cut the thread.

Then gray thread on the Edge Dial 13 (17) p., bring the postponed 8 p. Persons., dial the other edge 13 (17) p. and bring the remaining 11 (13) p. Persons. = 56 (68) p. Knit in a circular binding 9 (11) rows, thus knit 1 row of gray thread and 8 (10) Rows of pink thread.

Then knit only the middle 8 p. Myska Straight and reverse rows of the knitted knitting pink thread, the rest of the loops (on the sides), remove the extra. Spokes: 1st Row (front) – Bring 7 faces. P., remove 1 p. Not Projazazit (the last p. Soles), 1 p. with additional. Spokes of persons. and stretch it through the removed loop (= Stretch).

Turn the work. 2nd row (Seamy) – Remove 1 p. Without stinging, bring 6 persons. N. The last hinge of the sole and 1 p. with additional. Knit Needles Together Turn the work. 3rd row (front)-Remove 1 p. Without stinging, bring 6 persons. P., remove the next Petpju not Projazyjaet, Prozhite Extreme p. with additional. Spokes of persons. and stretch it through the removed loop. Turn the work.

Continue knitting, repeating the 2-3-th series, until on both sides will not remain 4 p. on the additional. Spokes. Move the remaining loops to 1 spoke = 8 p. Fold both spokes and pull 1 p. With each spokes together the faces. While closing the hinges.

Assembly: Lightly move the socks off. Fold the gray thread 4 times and twist the 2 lace lengths of 70 (90) cm, fasten the ends. Put the laces on the bottom edge, tie the bows on the sides.


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