Childrens bonnet knitting

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Size: 0-3 months. 

Materials: Katia Merino Classic yarn (52% merino wool, 48% acrylic, 100 g / 240 m.), Straight and stocking knitting needles 4.0 mm. 

The front surface: the front loops are knitted from the front side, and the back loops are knitted from the wrong side. 

The purl: the purl loops knit from the front side, the face loops knit from the wrong side. 

Hosiery: always knit facial loops. 

Spokes 4.0 mm. dial 26 loops. 
Knit the front satin - 3 rows. 

Next, knit: 8 dressing stitches, 18 loops, purl stitch. Continue to alternate the shawl and purl to get 45 scars on the scarf knit (90 rows after the front smooth surface). It turns out a long canvas equal to the circumference of the baby's head. 
Knit the front satin stitch on all the loops - 3 rows. Close the loop. Sew vertically (purl side in half and stitch together).

Run the cord, as follows: on the stocking needles dial 3 loops, knit: * 3 persons. , move the loops to the end of the needles, repeat from * until the cord reaches 55 cm. 

Wrap the front surface of the surface (3 rows) to the wrong side, hem inserting the cord. 
Make 4 brushes. Connect one tassel at each end of the cord two tassels to the top of the cap.

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