Charming beret for a girl

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Dimensions: head girth - 50-52 cm. 
Beret stretches, therefore this description is suitable for a larger size. 
Takes fit in a circle !!! 
You will need: Mondial Extrafine - 75g; needles number number 2.25; 3. 
Working order: on needles No. 2.25, dial 140 loops, place a marker and close the knitting into a circle. Make sure that the knitting is not twisted. 
Gum: row 1: * [1 person., 1 wear.] 2 times, 1 face., 2 wear .; repeat from * in a circle. 
Repeat row 1 until the gum height reaches 2.5 cm from the start of knitting. 
A number of additions: * [1 person., Nakid, 1 out., Nakid] 2 times, 1 person., 2 ways .; repeat from * in a circle = 220 loops. 
Next row: * [1 person., 1 person. crossed, 1 out., 1 out. crossed] 2 times, 1 person., 2 born; repeat from * in a circle. 
Go to knitting number 3 and continue knitting according to the pattern, repeating a rapport of 11 loops in a circle 20 times.
At the end of 60 rows, 40 loops remain in operation. 
A number of downs: * 1 remove the loop as when knitting the front, 1 w., Stretch the removed loop through the knit; repeat from * in a circle = 20 loops. 
Repeat the last row one more time = 10 loops. 
Cut the thread, leaving a 20 cm tail. 
Pull the thread through the remaining loop, pull them. 
Moisturize the beret and pull on a plate with a diameter of about 25 cm, dry.

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