Openwork Poncho Free Pattern

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Openwork Poncho


Single size 

You will need 

Yarn 1 (100% Cotton; 165 m/50 g) – 250 g beige; 
Yarn 2 (50% cotton, 30% polyamide, 20% silk; 125 m/50 g) – 300 g brown melange; Hook № 5; Ok. 50 transparent gray beads with a diameter of 12 mm; Ok. 50 transparent beads of caramel color with a diameter of 16 mm. 


Knit only double thread. 

Patterns and diagrams 

Openwork Pattern Double Thread 

Knit in two strands (= 1 thread yarn 1 and Yarn 2). The number of initial loops multiple 12 + 1. 

Knit SOGL. Diagram 1. To start with loops before Raport, raport constantly repeating, to finish loops after raport. 

Run 1 times 1 – 4th row, then 3rd + 4th row constantly repeating, finish 5th next. 

Main pattern 

Even number of loops. Knit like a pattern, but sogl. Diagram 2. 

Run 1 time 1 – 6th series, then the 5th + 6th series is constantly repeated. 

Color sequence in the main pattern 

2 rows Double Thread 2, 
2 rows Double thread 1, 
Further knit double thread of 1 thread yarn 1 + 1 thread yarn 2. 

Density of knitting 

24.5 the initial p. x 4.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected with openwork pattern; 
16.5 p. x 8 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with the main pattern. 

Work execution 

Double thread of yarn 1 + 2 Perform a chain of 277 V P + 1 VP Lifting and knit openwork pattern = 22 Raport + start and end loops. 

After 22 SM from the initial row to straighten a pattern with the help of the 5th row of a pattern, after that in work there will be 185 loops. 

Further to knit the basic pattern according to a sequence of colors, thus in 1-th row to add 1 p. = 186, 5 p. 

At the same time to give shape in the 1st row of the main pattern, 14 times each 12th and 13th p. Together = 172 p. 

In the 3rd row, 14 times each 11th and 12th p. together = 158 p. 

In the 5th row of pro-knit 14 times each 10th and 11th p. together = 144 p. 

In the 6th row, 14 times each 9th and 10th p. Together = 130 P. 

In the 7th row, 14 times each 8th and 9th p. together = 116 p. 

In the 8th row, 14 times each 7th and 8th p. Together = 102 P. 

In the 9th row, 14 times each 6th and 7th p. Together = 88 p. 

10th-27th Series: knit without decreases. 

In the 28th-33rd rows, each 3rd and 4th p. Together = 17 p. 

In 34-th row to tie 2 p. Together and in the next row of the remaining 9 art. S/n together. 


To execute the average seam in length 33 sm (see * on a pattern), for this purpose to combine lateral edges, the remained 33 SM edges form a cowl cut. 

Cut edge to tie a double thread (= yarn 1 + yarn 2) 1 circular near St. b/N and "Raby Step" (= art. b/N to execute in the direction from left to right) respectively. 

In the bottom edge of a fringe, for this purpose on 2 threads of each yarn in length on 35 sm Vpleti in loops of a basis of art. b/N and art. c/N. 

Bunches of fringe to divide, to fold on 2 halves of Beams, to put on threads on 1 brown grey color and caramel, to make knots on distance approx. 5 cm.

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