Crochet Top For Women

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Let's learn how to make this blouse for ladies.

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Diagonal knitting technology makes the color decision of the summer top even more original.


Sectional dyeing yarn (100% cotton, 210 m / 50 g) - 150 g in gray-yellow-green tones; spokes number 4,5; 2 stocking knitting needles №4,5; circular knitting needles number 4,5.


Face series - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Even number of loops. 

Face ranks: * 1 napkin, 2 n. Tie together the facial, from * repeat 4-16 times until the desired width is achieved. 

Wrong rows: loops and capes to be sewn by purl.

Face and purl rows - facial loops.

23.5 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the facial surface and the openwork stripe; 
21.5 p. X 43.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, due to garter stitching; 
3 visible loops of the diagonal strip = width 1 cm.

The middle of the transmission and the backrest consist of two triangles, respectively; These triangles are knit from the lateral edge of the middle diagonal strip, respectively. Arrows on the pattern = direction of knitting. Knitting density refers to the direction of knitting; The dimensions on the pattern are obtained by measuring the model spread out on a horizontal surface.



For the middle diagonal strip of the middle of the back, dial 2 knitting needles 5 pcs and knit as follows: * 5 facial, then pull the loops back to the beginning of the knitting needle, while stretching the thread on the wrong side of the work, from * constantly repeating. When knitting the strip is constantly slightly stretch in length. After 126 rows from the initial row, close the hinges. 

For the upper triangle, draw on the spokes from the 1st loop of each row of the middle band 1 n. (= Total 126 n.) And connect the first purl series with the backs. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. 

Continue to work with the facial smoothness, while performing an openwork strip with uneven intervals and different widths. 

At the same time, for the triangular form, in each face row from the set of loops, at the beginning of the row (= right lateral edge), at the beginning of the row (= right lateral edge), at the front edge and at the end of the row, in front of the edge line, 2 n. Together facing the slope to the left (= 1 st. as front, 1 facial, then stretch it through the removed loop = edge of the neck). As a result, 3 points are reduced in each facial row. 

After 25.5 cm = 82 rows from the set of loops, the remaining 3 sts are put  together together with the front one and stretched through the thread. 

For the lower triangle, draw on the spokes from the last loop of each row of the middle strip 1 st and knit similarly. 

After that, only 3 facial loops are visible from the middle diagonal strip. Then, the details are slightly moistened, stretched to the size indicated on the pattern and dried. 

For the left side part (at the toe), the backs should be typed on the knitting needles on the right side edge of the lower triangle 90 sts and, from the first purl series, knit with garter stitch. 

After 1 cm = 5 rows from the set of loops, close for the armhole on the right edge 1 x 36 p., Then close 3 x 1 p in each 4th row.  

After 6 cm = 26 rows from the loop set, close the remaining 51 p. the part is executed in the mirror image along the right side edge of the upper triangle.

Knit like a back.

Run shoulder seams on both sides for 6 cm and side seams. 

For the plank, dial circular knitting needles along the bottom edge of 224 sts and tie 3 circular rows with the backs. Then close all the hinges, both facial. 

For the neck beads, dial 124 pencils on the circular knitting needles and bind the 3 circular rows with the backs. Then close all the hinges, both facial. 

Type on the spokes on the lower edges of each armhole of 24 sts, tie 1 purl face, then close all the loops, like facial. 

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