Longer Sweater Free Pattern

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Pulse with a longer back part 
Large: 38-42 
Material: 250 g sana (Fb 126) "Alpaca 
Superlight "(54% alpaca, 24% polyamide, 
22% wool, LL = 199 m/25 g) by LANG 
YARNS. 1 PONY-Runosmck-N # 5 And 6. 

Note: We recommend due to the 
Honen M-Zanl, the sweater with a 
Round knitting N in R too arb. 
Gl re: Hinrre M, M. 
AjourMuster. M number divisible by 16 
+ . Lt knitting step arb. Drawn are 
The Hinr. In the back all M and U Il str. 
Start with the M before the MS, the 
MS always wdn, end with the M 
MS. The 1st-32nd R always wdh. 
Rib pattern: 1 m re, 1 M Il im 
Change; In Rückr M St how they 
Mesh sample On average: 16.5 
M and 21.5 R-lox 10 cm. 
Note: The sweater including the Armel Ober 
Shoulders in one piece 
str, start with the back part. 
Execution: 117 M with N No 6 in the 
Cross attack (see page 31) and 
In successful classification str: Rdm, 17 M gl re, 
81 M AjourMuster. 17 M gl re, Rdm. 
At the same time for the side oblivias 
From stop either 16 x in every 6th R 
Each 1 M above how tolgt: At the beginning of the net, the 
Elast with the last Gl-re-M re zusstr 
At the R end the first with the second 
Gl-re-M re zusstr = 85 sts. For the Armel 
After 46.5 cm = 100 R from stop 
Also 1 x 47 M new to it = 179 m 
Between the Rdm the AjourMuster 
Continue. For the neckline 
After 74.5 cm 160 R from stop 
Shoulder linle) the middle 33 M abk and in 

The tolg backr back on. Then that 
Front part, pattern, further arD. After 
28 cm 60 R from shoulder line both the 
47 Armel M again abk and above the 
resti 85 M as follows: Rdm, 1 M gl re, 
81 M AjourMuster, 1 M gl re, Rdm. After 
59.5 cm = 128 from shoulder line 
Finish work as follows: With dopp thread 
In the Hinr: • 1 M 1 M am, Facen 
Before work, ab • always wdh, end with 
1 M n; ROCkr: • M li abh, thread behind 
Work, 1 m re, ab • always end 
With 1 M li abh; In the success R all M with 
United thread re abk. 
Completion: For the Armelbünchen 
Out of the Armelkanten 72 M each with N No 5 
Leave and str in the rib pattern, 
Always 2 M in the 1st R between the Rdm 
re zusstr = 37 sts. After 10 cm bundle height 
All M abk as they appear. Side 
And lower armelessews close. The 
Back part hangs 15 cm above. 

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