Crochet Sleeveless Sweater Free Pattern

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P. 3 & Ps. M. L. XL 
Ma Ter pl m! skb31. 
Pellagmshh, oh, 3507375/400/425 colors Fuki: C 
Attention ve in two. 
Knitted PB with Knit 
To the left H • Przvo to the arrow e middle, for • m: in the Mirror 
Display. CSHRR: The rally designates IPMs. On the right-CW. R. 
Knit in and fold. R IPMs. R. 
= 15r. 
Facial Glzd l'shh. P, • NC tlc1h ' 
Knit pc; CI cw, ch. 
Braids in with NE in and with 20p. 
Iznr. CW, R. 
SV with 6 • 21R, 
Pattern with braids knit by ash number num grass 
Revenge. In the 
D on B, in R 
Vpjat 1 P 
Sat • 21R. 
Rebrpetyj pattern Izatpo •: Etie on SPIIAHGRB SHLFR: The following € a indicate 
Start at shown arrow loops = A. Ty 
With pet. Ta h persons, R. 
To bind Skrchshh. The noose for was not knit with 60p " 
Povorjat R, 
Drojnej thread "on Spichah oblique and 275 x 25.5 r. and 
CW, ch. 20 p, x 25.5!). = Ch 
On GR 5.5. For Gi1nki Vvit 5 = 
Kroil. 46/53/57/61 ". With R. KEK: Ly A from •-TPE. 1t, ' 1 to the arrow e middle 
Pip-P •. m, the idea to knit in a mirror otobrhe; to. Ied. 4rs, Knit • QoL WGA: answer loop, undertaking 
Go with when in R. Before the middle 
Pribaygg, CI,-software; 5 p, TT to Middle 
Vchzat arrows D and E Koch, ' C. After the Middle – Ko * s, after 599, from the bar on the Sredjuo: 
343. Achzatuzor Rubber Band, with ZOLKN • Be Privadteno goal, joiningits 
Ssgine loops on both sides of the Vjazja • g also. As previously = 128, ' 136! 15211. In shirt ", ' after 
24 O-Tplmki ss. Besh; Armholes. NC:: 
Throne DM zho&v [Op.. in Kxfpot • T 2-r. More 
2x by P. L 1 x at the same time SF 2-M di bevels. 
The necks close the Tednle L side of the Shzat separately. Dtja 
KO: Don 3hkregg x L x Hinges fasten the second» 
Per Ed 
Vjazht Kaktin. But with a player deep reason for ' tog • With a vow: Tore on 
Vo • GE lrojn ZZKRP Medium sgorony 
"In R. ZAKRP 2 Z: 
Po. L 2/214/4x Vgoljup slants on the same heights and the same. QoL on the cream. Loops 
Storoch "• ' Jahonchit 
To FC the software and to give the "• Kommersant seams; 
Seams to the MPR "ditch. DM mb NABRTG Bop "RDTR. 
ETS-5 p. Ch. " 3 p. 11-ЈNLL. = persons. P "1t3h. A. . -Faces.. 20 p. Mowing. Ota " 
Started with 16-2TP-Z izngl "27p. CW. Ch. KROML

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